Tue. Feb 25th, 2020

Motorcycle Tires – Preparing for Sturgis Series

Motorcycle Tires

Motorcycle Tires

Everyone knows that Sturgis is the Shangri La of motorcycle riders. This gritty utopia brings together casual cruisers, road warriors, performance experts and longtime motorcycle enthusiasts.

Sturgis is the best place to show off your bike’s awesome aftermarket accessories and performance tweaks. Besides polishing the chrome on your Softail Fat Boy or tuning your V-Strom’s engine, you also need to take the time to check your tires. Searching for the best motorcycle tires online before leaving is key to having a great time at Sturgis.

Why You Should Invest in the Best Tires for Your Bucket-List Sturgis Trip

There are at least four reasons you need to upgrade your tires before heading to Sturgis:

  1. Getting there: This annual pilgrimage for riders is a great opportunity for a road trip. America has some beautiful highways, and there’s no better way to take in the scenery than by cruising the open road on your bike. Whether your ideal route to Sturgis involves cruising U.S. Highway 212 or winding through the Appalachian Mountains, you want to make sure your tires are up to the task. That means looking at performance, long-distance durability and solid treads for all weather conditions.
  1. Traveling with friends: The best trips to Sturgis are shared. This yearly celebration is a great time to travel with your pack, or you can invite someone special to go along for the ride. If you have a passenger, you may want to swap your sports tires for touring tires. They provide better stability and comfort for two.
  1. Having a blast in the Black Hills: There will be plenty of time for partying once you get to Sturgis, but you also want to enjoy some of the spectacular rides in the area. The Black Hills have tons of legendary rides through amazing scenery, from Bridal Veil Falls and Devil’s Bathtub to Custer State Park and Devil’s Tower. If you’re planning on hitting the iconic Needles Highway, focus on performance tires that can handle all of the hairpin turns.
  1. Getting respect: Last but not least, remember that Sturgis is the motorcycle rider’s equivalent of a classic car show. People will check out your wheels, literally. If you want to talk the talk, you need the best motorcycle parts and accessories. Gorgeous Metzelers, Michelins, Dunlops and Pirellis always turn heads.

What To Look For in New Tires

The best tires for your bike always depend on your riding style. When planning for Sturgis, there are a few extra factors you need to keep in mind:

  • Durability
  • Road adherence
  • Handling
  • All-weather performance
  • Long-distance comfort

If you normally use your motorcycle for having fun around town, you may need to think about switching tires for this long-distance motorcycle marathon. Touring tires giving you the stability and strength you need for the trip, but you may want a hybrid cruising/sport tire such as the Metzeler CruiseTec for better handling on tight mountain turns.

Going the Distance

It’s always essential to check your tires before taking a long-distance ride. Look for cracks in the sidewall, treads that are worn or uneven wear patterns. All of these factors can cause problems with control and comfort. By replacing or upgrading worn tires, you can avoid breakdowns and focus on having fun at the greatest motorcycle show on Earth.

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