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Moving Cross-Country: Easy Tips & tricks

Moving Cross Country

Moving Cross-Country

Moving a house across the same city is not an easy task, then cross country moving is altogether a different case. The process includes many tasks from packing up your entire household and coordinating moving day help to settling in the new house and changing your address. There are many necessary arrangements to-do when it comes to planning a long distance move. We’ve concluded some tips for moving across the country which will ensure to save your sanity on the moving day.

Keep the Load Less: 

The cost of your interstate move is largely dependent on the weight of your belongings if you are hiring a professional moving company. The more your belongings are, the more your move will cost. You’ll definitely want to save money where you can as the majority of cross country moves cost several thousand dollars. So to lighten the load, it is much recommended to donate gently-used items to charities. You can even try selling items in a garage sale, through a consignment store or online marketplace. You can consider selling extra and heavy furniture too.

Divide and Conquer

Divide the work as cross country moving with a family isn’t an easy task. Having several extra sets of hands can certainly help. Have a family meeting and assign tasks to each member before you begin to pack up the home. You can teach your children the proper ways to pack a moving box before they begin the packing process. School-aged children can assist with packing up their own rooms and belongings. You can start packing with non-essentials and items that will not be needed in the weeks leading up to the move like seasonal clothing and books. Pack essentials in the end as you may need them before moving day.

Be Sure to Make All Travel Arrangements Well in Advance

Be sure to book your travel arrangements in advance to avoid a last minute hassle. Especially when moving across the country, be sure to research and schedule all travel details at least a month or more prior. Well planned and early booked travel arrangements ensure a successful move. From airplane tickets to hotel reservations, everything needs proper planning. 

Choose the Right Moving Company

When hiring a moving company, it is very much advisable to ask quoted from various companies. Pricing, offerings and special services vary from company to company. Be sure to interview at least three cross country movers to compare quotes before hiring a moving company for the job. You should call in representatives from all the chosen companies to have an on-location survey and price quotes.

To save yourself from a moving fraud, be sure to research enough about the chosen company before the move. You can avoid any moving scams by knowing what to look for. First and foremost be aware of the too-good-to-be-true moving estimates. Another most important factor is to check if an interstate mover is licensed or not and also don’t forget to see their U.S. DOT number in the FMCSA’s database. Also check and make sure the moving company is properly insured. Moving companies should be able to show you their proper documentation to prove all this.

Renting a Portable Moving Container is Another Option

Renting a portable moving container is one very useful cross country moving alternative to using a professional moving company. Moving containers are considered better as they double as storage pods and are especially helpful to those in need of storage before, during or after a move. They are available in varied sizes as per your needs and also enables you to pack and load your belongings at your own pace without any time limit as the moving container companies drop the containers at your place a few days prior to your move.

Take Pictures to Keep a Record of the Condition of Your Items

It is highly recommended to take photos or videos of all the items to keep a record of the condition of those belongings before your box up your belongings and at the beginning of the move. Taking pictures will enable you to have proof that they were mishandled if anything breaks or becomes damaged while in the hands of the movers. This process could even help with filing a claim and seeking compensation for your belonging.

Purchase Moving Insurance

Carefully, take a look at your valuation coverage options, when hiring a moving company. Generally moving company’s free, basic protection only covers the bare minimum. So if you want more protection, consider paying up for the Full Value Protection as it will hold your mover accountable for the actual cash value of the items. 

Keep Important Documents and Valuables with You 

Don’t pack important documents and valuables, including jewellery and family heirlooms with the rest of your belongings. Make sure to pack any valuables in a separate and secure bag.

Don’t Forget to Pack an Essentials Bag

It’s important to pack a moving essentials bag to keep with you throughout the move especially when moving cross country. The essentials may include anything and everything you’ll need in the days leading up to the move as well as the few days after.

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