January 25, 2021

10 reasons why you need sheds to protect and store your goods

sheds to protect and store your goods

sheds to protect and store your goods

In terms of real estate, one of the things you will never hear is “I do not need a shed.” Like garages, sheds are valuable additions to the home as they help you store, organize, and safe-keep your belongings. That said, many people do not quite understand just how useful sheds are. If you are in the category of people who might need a shed, consider the following examples that illustrate how sheds are actually a necessary extension to the garage.

  1. Convenience

Garages get cluttered. Sheds allow you to store in them things that simply do not belong in the garage. The reason they do not belong in the garage is that your garage is usually nowhere near the place you need your tools. For instance, the backyard is where you spend time relaxing, working on the garden, and tending your flowers or trees. However, if you have to trek to the garage for tools, it can be a hassle. It is a hassle because you usually have to walk all the way around the house and enter from the front. Then, of course, you have to walk all the way back, usually lugging something heavy.

Conversely, a shed enables you to keep all your lawn implements and heavy items no more than a few steps away. When you are done working–you get the point. Sheds are much more convenient.

  1. Extra space

Once you move the lawnmower, weed trimmer, and gas can to the shed, you will notice that the mulch and a variety of other things can also be stored outside of the garage. Additionally, when you have hung as many of your smaller yard tools along the shed’s walls, you will notice your garage now has much more space. Getting out of the car is easier. You no longer have to maneuver through a maze of objects.

Of course, this space is not intended for relaxing or navigating. It is intended for more tools. That is correct, a shed moves the yard tools out of the house, allowing you to pack more power tools and home tools into your garage because the only time you have enough power tools is never.

  1. Resale value

Sheds cost little to install and less to maintain. Yet they add to the backyard’s appeal, and in terms of selling your home, they recoup nearly 85 percent of their investment costs. Sheds might not be why people buy homes, but they help nudge people in the right direction. In terms of buying the right shed, all you have to do is Google “Sheds Hervey Bay,” and you will be able to find high-quality, low-cost sheds that add value to any home.

  1. Organization and cleanliness

Organization and cleanliness might seem like two items packed as one, but they go hand in hand, as it were. For instance, a shed encourages you to store your large, messy belongings away from your home. Yard trash can go in bags designated for the shed. Your lawnmower and all the grass clippings do not litter your garage floor. When you fill your lawnmower with gas, you will not spill it in your garage. If you pull your lawnmower out onto the lawn, you will not spill gas in your shed. In terms of other messy items, such as autumn leaves, you can put the bags of leaves in the shed until it is time to put them on the curb.

  1. Appearance

Unlike sheds of yesteryear, modern sheds are the next best thing to mother-in-law quarters. They are often designed as sturdy, quaint, or home-like structures, and having a shed encourages you to landscape the rest of your lawn. They add a sense of luxury to any backyard such that the largest ones might even serve as mother-in-law quarters.

  1. Distances the smell

Whether it is gasoline for the mower or mulch for the garden, some of the most useful items in life stink. Additionally, lawn clippings kept in trash bags emit a smell you do not want near your home. In terms of other chemicals, oil and bug spray along with weed poison also smell unpleasant. Sheds put a hundred feet or so between you and all this.

  1. Safety

Of course, locking a shed allows you to keep your belongings safely removed from your children who might want to play with unsafe tools. They also keep your belongings safely removed from adult children of all ages who might want to play with, borrow, or otherwise appropriate all your tools one by one. Additionally, storing lawn mowers and gasoline in the shed is a safer practice than storing either in the garage as it places distance between your family and anything flammable.

  1. Family time

Since most kids are intent on playing Fortnite on their phones, getting your children outside in the fresh air might be difficult. In this respect, sheds can be of surprising assistance. For instance, they allow you to request assistance from your younger ranch hands and bond with them over yard work, gardening, and landscaping. Planting trees can be especially fun, and having all the tools handy in the shed allows you supervise your children as they work while allowing you to duck in the shed for any item you might need.

  1. Cave or camp

As there is no longer any such thing as a man cave, a shed can serve as a politically correct cave for tool lovers an DIYers of any gender. It can be a place to enjoy some privacy as you work on projects or conduct home repairs. Since sheds are the perfect place to store lawn chairs, they can also serve as a nice hub for relaxing, reading, and sipping a cold brew.

In terms of camps, sheds are often built in the style of miniature homes. As such, they can serve as kid camps, allowing your children someplace to play.

  1. Hobbies

As anyone knows, larger sheds are better than smaller sheds. Larger sheds, for instance, not only allow you to store lots of larger items, they also allow a certain amount of usable work space where you can actually work on hobbies. From woodworking and DIY home renovation to vegetable gardening, they allow you to hone your craft and separate house work from the often more invigorating weekend work. Because many sheds are also equipped with electric plugs, you can even have one wired to the main electrical box, allowing you space for ceramics, pottery, or painting.

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