January 25, 2021

4 Situations Where It Makes Sense to Hire a Lawyer After a Car Accident

Hire a Lawyer After a Car Accident

Driver Making Phone Call After Traffic Accident

Car accidents happen every day, all around the country. Some of them are relatively minor, like fender benders where the vehicles make minimal contact with each other, and the drivers sustain no harm. Others are significant collisions where the drivers or passengers sustain life-threatening injuries.

In either case, you sometimes need a lawyer if one of these accidents involved you. Here are four scenarios where it makes sense for you to get yourself one.

If You Plan on Suing the Other Party Because of Injury

Wherever you are in the country, if you plan on taking the other driver to court, you will undoubtedly want to hire a lawyer. You might locate an Orlando car accident lawyer if you’re in that part of Florida, for instance. It’s sensible to find an attorney who has experience in this sort of proceeding, and whose practice is local.

Trying to bring charges against the other driver for negligence, or to recoup your medical bill money, can be tricky. You want someone on your side who is well-versed in this kind of case. Trying to handle it by yourself means you wouldn’t have to pay a lawyer, but you winning the case on your own isn’t too likely.

Having a steady, experienced individual to guide you through the court appearances and combat the other driver’s attorney is critical.

If the Other Party Sues You

You’ll also want a lawyer to help you if you’re on the other end of a civil action following a car crash. Even if you were in the wrong, a lawyer might be able to argue that there were extenuating circumstances that caused the accident.

This is not a situation where you’re better off speaking for yourself without any representation. Tens of thousands of dollars could be on the line or more.

A judgment against you in this kind of case can change your life forever, and not in a good way. It would be extraordinarily foolish not to engage the services of an expert car accident defense attorney.

If the Other Party Tries to Settle Out of Court

If you’re in an accident and the other party or their lawyer approaches you out of court and tries to settle, then at first, it might seem like a good idea. It will save you the trouble of multiple court appearances, and you could avoid hiring an attorney and paying their fee.

However, it’s almost always a mistake to take money from the other party or their legal representative without consulting with a lawyer first. In nearly all circumstances, the other driver or their attorney will try to settle out of court because they are attempting to give you less money than you could potentially win through a settlement that favors you.

By securing a lawyer and going through the proper channels, you’re not trying to rip them off. It’s not about being greedy. You’re attempting to get the money that you’re due to cover your physical, mental, and emotional pain.

You could be leaving money on the table if you settle without a lawyer consultation, and that money could go to paying your medical bills or support you while you’re out of work and recovering.

If There Were Multiple Vehicles in the Crash

A scenario where two cars collide is usually fairly straightforward. However, car accidents sometimes involve three or more vehicles, especially if what happened took place on a highway, in a four-way intersection, or on a busy road.

In these sorts of cases, you might be defending yourself against multiple parties or bringing legal action against numerous entities or individuals. You should understand that things are likely to get complicated very quickly.

You’re certainly going to want a lawyer to help you here because otherwise, a dizzying avalanche of court dates and paperwork can bury you. It’s vital to have someone on your side to help you navigate the challenging days ahead.

You might also want to get yourself a lawyer if your job is trying to fire you because you were in a car accident. Another time might be if a commercial vehicle hit you. In that instance, you might sue the company instead of the driver.

Any time that you’re uncertain about how to proceed following a car accident, get yourself professional help. It’s true that you’ll have to pay for it, but many lawyers won’t take any money unless they win a judgment for you.

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