November 26, 2020

4 Steps to Picking the Right Batting Pads

Right Batting Pads

Right Batting Pads

If you’re an eager cricketer, you’ll understand only too well how simple it is to be assailed with the Ball and invest a week with swellings after obtaining hit in the legs several times. The even more time you spend wounded, the less you can play the sport you like. We’re presuming that’s why you’re below reviewing how to choose the appropriate batting pads on your own.

Cricket pads cover your legs when you’re batting so you can leave the majority of the possible abuse brought upon by the problematic, unrelenting cricket ball. Once you start your research right into any cricket tools like batting pads, you’ll promptly realise that by playing this sporting activity, a significant amount of your budget will undoubtedly approach paying for cricket equipment, specifically that crucial protective device.

You mustn’t just walk into your local cricket shop and get any random set of cricket batting pads, though. It would help if you chose the batting pads that function best for you, rather than expecting a one-size-fits-all remedy. You can obtain pads suited for right-handers or southpaws as well as ambidextrous sets. There are dimensions to fit massive adults right to kids.

You require to ensure that the batting pads adequately sized, so they don’t diminish or slip down when you need them most. You additionally want to ensure they allow for a complete variety of motion which they fit and also long-lasting in equal measure

Batting pads are made of different products and have various layout aspects, but the main point of all cricket batting pads to secure you from injuries caused by that deadly leather Ball. Before we walk you via the four actions to selecting the appropriate batting pads, we’ll provide you with some fast history.


Typical cricket batting pads made of leather. These pads are not extremely long-lasting, also when looked after properly, as well as they are additionally costly.

The options most generally utilised in today’s cricket batting pads are polyurethane (PU) as well as PVC. These materials make lightweight batting pads without jeopardising sturdiness, and also they provide the security you require to make sure that rock-hard round does not leave you damaged and wounded. These materials are additionally elementary to tidy as well as look after.

The interior of modern-day cricket batting pads made from cotton and walking cane. Some designs give additional protection in the form of carbon or Kevlar inserts, although this is most likely overkill unless you’re a significant gamer. One of the most usual designs of pads has a lot of foam padding in them too. This padding includes one more layer of security while additionally offering ample comfort.

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While every manufacturer of cricket batting pads has a proprietary, there are still several resemblances among the brand names. There are no restrictions on the layout of the batting pads, and modern-day materials have made certain layout aspects out-of-date. For example, the knee roll on the batting pad isn’t necessary any longer because of using contemporary materials.

Nonetheless, given that umpires had always utilised the knee roll to help them judge precisely how high the bounce of the cricket ball is, they located this challenging job when knee rolls no more used on batting pads. Because of this, numerous business has functioned a faux knee roll right into the style of their contemporary batting pads, so everybody’s delighted.

Caring For Your Batting Pads

Considering that cricket gear is pricey, it’s just reasonable that you attempt to appropriately care for it so that it lasts as long as feasible. Clean your pads tidy after each game or web session, so they last much longer, which has to do with the extent of maintenance.

The dampness from your skin as well as sweat can reduce the lifespan of your batting pads. Make sure you enable them to dry after batting, however never placed them in straight sunshine. If you leave your pillows in the sun, the cushioning will certainly dry out and harden, spoiling them entirely as well as compelling you to invest yet more money.

Now, below are those specific four actions to selecting the best batting pads the secure means!

1) Set a Budget

As previously stated, cricket equipment can make quite a dent in your spending plan if you’re not mindful. Before you lay out to buy any brand-new devices, you require to identify what your budget plan is then to stay with it. Not only will you prevent overspending, but you’ll also likewise whittle down your choices without requiring to lift a finger.

Similar to nearly everything, the even more cash you can spend on an item, the much better the top quality is most likely to be. If you have a more fluid budget plan, take a look at upscale pads. These will have much more comfortable foam and various other cushioning in addition to specialty layout functions like washable, removable pad inserts. You can additionally anticipate pricier pads to made from remarkable materials.

This isn’t to state that all less costly cricket batting pads are uncomfortable or unsuited for the objective. These pads will be equally as helpful as their a lot more expensive equivalents; they will not have as lots of functions, as well as they’ll do not have that fine detailing that the best pads have. Despite your budget plan, you can find cricket batting pads that safeguard you effectively while lowering the number of wounds from the cricket Ball.

2) Sizing– How as well as Why To Choose The Correct Size

The majority of manufacturers have a variety of sizes for cricket batting pads. There are pads to suit everyone from the largest adult to the smallest kid. You should not just acquire an arbitrarily sized set of cricket batting pads, however. Fit is vital.

While precise sizing differs somewhat from brand name to brand name, general they are comparable. If you can’t get to a neighbourhood cricket distributor to try on batting pads, you can determine yourself or your child in the house to get the best fit possible.

When measuring up for your cricket pads, see to it you range from the middle of the knee to the top of your instep. Right here are the most common measurements and also their corresponding dimensions:

  • 30cm-32cm– Kid’s Small
  • 32cm-35cm– Young boy’s.
  • 36cm-38cm– Youth’s.
  • 39cm-41cm– Men’s Little.
  • 41cm-43cm– Males’s.
  • 44cm-48cm– Men’s Large.

When you pick up batting pads and also try them on, you’ll be able to tell instantly if they fit correctly. If the knee roll comes to your knee, as well as the pad, is resting on top of your foot, it’s all great. If this is not the situation, you need a different dimension.

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3) Select the Right Brand.

The substantial series of brands available when it involves cricket batting pads can complicate your buying decision. Why not express some nationwide pride and also purchase from a manufacturer of Australian batting pads? A few of the more typically recognised cricket batting pad companies consist of the following.

  • Gray-Nicolls is a brand set apart from the others. They have a wide array of offered items which they guarantee entirely with rock-solid service warranties. They have a timeless design and are virtually irresistible when it involves the very best batting pads.
  • Gunn & Moore has been in the batting pad organisation for over a century, and they are worldwide renowned for their quality as well as versatility. They are continually developing and complying with brand-new standards to help make cricket far better than ever before.
  • Kookaburra is a brand with an actual focus on generating quality pads. They give phenomenal defence while still providing you with all the convenience you require for an extended batting session. Whatever equipment you invest in from Kookaburra, you will not be dissatisfied.

Other popular brands of cricket batting pads include Grove, MRF, New Equilibrium, Puma, Slazenger, Spartan, and Bunch.

4) Select the Right Cricket Provider.

There are loads of cricket vendors all over the continent. Again, this option can confirm overwhelming. When you’re an active cricketer, you won’t have the moment or energy to drive all over, searching down the most recent as well as best cricket tools. For this reason, you desire a cricket vendor that supplies equipment from all the best business in one practical place.

You can locate a regional provider and also enter into the brick-and-mortar store occasionally to find what you’re seeking, and this isn’t such a negative suggestion. You’ll be able to try points on or get a basic feel for them. If you’re as well busy to get into a supplier and also prefer purchasing online, the same rules apply. Look for a vendor with a broad option of equipment as well as a generous return policy.

You can continuously stand out right into a shop to attempt points out; you do not require to commit to acquiring. To obtain the best of both worlds, however, look no further than Meulemans Cricket Centre for all your cricket needs. You can shop online or see us in-store, and we’ll be delighted to help you locate all your cricket equipment.


If you play cricket regularly and also you intend to do so securely; there’s simply no other way around buying the most effective protective gear. Armed with the details in this guide, you ought to now have the ability to obtain the cricket batting pads you need without way too much time or trouble.

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