September 29, 2020

5 Easy Ways To Make Money

Easy Ways To Make Money

Easy Ways To Make Money

Nowadays, all people need such an integral life object as money. And even better to get them without much effort, investment and time. Someone will say that these are just fairy tales, BUT this article will prove to you the opposite!

Money is one of the most important objects of our daily life. Food, clothing, real estate – this and much more we get it for money. In order to provide your life with everything you need, as well as comfort and luxury, you need to sacrifice your finances, which are sometimes lacking. The more money a person wants to earn, the more he will have to work and try to achieve his goal. But who has not dreamed of getting a salary, for example, lying on the couch? Imagine: without leaving your home, without putting special effort and without investing money, you get earnings! For some, it’s just fairy tales and myths, but trust me: after this article, you will not think so! So, keep: 5 ways of easy money!


If you have an account in any social media (for example – INSTAGRAM), then it can bring you additional money. There are many sites (the most popular of them is, which allow you to put an account on display for many companies that need media marketers. That is, for the publication of a photos or text post on the wall of your account, you will pay real money! In other words: You earn money by advertising a product or organization. Of course, companies will not enter into a contract with people who have an undeveloped and obscure account. Therefore, the more you have a virtual audience (followers), the greater the chance that you will be chosen as your “billboard”.


If you have a few free GB of memory on your gadget, then this method is for you! Many sites offer people money for the usual installation of applications! This method is very simple: all you need to do is click on the “DOWNLOAD / INSTALL” button of the application offered by the site and wait for you to pay the money (either to a phone bill or an Internet wallet). Sometimes funds are paid only after the application is activated (that is, you just need to open it after installation, thus showing that you are using this application). On average, different sites pay from $ 1 to $ 2 for an application, but sometimes you may stumble upon a setup, for which they pay about $ 5!


Recently, earnings have become very popular due to the filling of questionnaires and clicks on links. People are ready to pay you money for passing a survey, taking part in a referendum or filling out a questionnaire. This procedure takes from 5 to 15 minutes. In this way, you can earn up to about 30 cents per click.


This method will suit gamers who can now not only play their “shooters” for days on end, but also receive money. All you need to do is: a) download and start playing a popular computer game, preferably with a large number of followers; b) get acquainted with some of the knowledge of this case (there are whole articles about how you can get a good donat). In general, donat is a monetary donation, payment for something in computer games. Very many players pay such donations, for example, for a good game. Especially a lot of money in this way is received by the so-called streamers: people who shoot their game on video and broadcast it live (for example, on YouTube), thanks to which they have more fans. You can earn any amount, it all depends on the player’s generosity (mostly $ 1, but there were unrealistic incidents when secret fans gave a few thousand dollars!).


This method is suitable for creative people who write texts well and are friends with literacy and fantasy. There are many exchanges where people sell their articles on completely different topics. You choose the price for your article, most often it is $ 1 for 500 characters (on average from $ 3 to $ 10 for the whole article).

Well, perhaps that’s all! You just met

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