January 26, 2021

5 Simple Contests To Engage Your Followers On Instagram

Engage Your Followers On Instagram

Engage Your Followers On Instagram

It is official and evident that the users of Instagram are increasing day by day and the number of bloggers and influencers is increasing as well. This portrays that the users have built trust on the influencers and they listen to those influencers. But some influencers find it hard to attract their followers and if you are some of those influencers, we have got some tips for you which will help the influencers engage the followers. By utilizing the techniques and tips that we have mentioned, we are sure that you will be noticing the more interactions on your posts as compared to before. If you have a good number of followers, you can hold Instagram contests that are going to improve the number of followers and increase the engagement rate or you can Buy Instagram Followers with credit card  So, let’s see what type of contests you can arrange on your Instagram account!

Like to Win Contest – You must have heard about this technique or you may even have taken part in such contests. This technique is so common but still, its popularity and success rate isn’t going down at all. The thing to do in this type of contest is that you upload a photo and as your followers to like your photo and set a reward for liking the picture. In this type of contest, don’t forget to mention that you, yourself will be hand picking the winner and also mention the reward.

Selfie Contest – In this era of technology and smartphones, there is not a single person who doesn’t like clicking selfies. So, to engage more followers on Instagram, post a selfie and ask your followers to post a selfie as well. After asking them to post a selfie, set a prize for the best selfie so that your followers will be encouraged to engage in your post. At the end of the contest, you will see that your follower number has been increased as well as the engagement rate of your post will be improved as well.

Brand Related Contest – Today, there are many brands that team up with the influencers and bloggers to increase their sales rate and also help the influencers and bloggers engage with their followers and provide them with new products along with their honest reviews. For this example, post a picture with the brand’s product on your feed and ask the followers to say something about the product or guess. Then, tell them that the top comment will be winning the same product.

Hashtag Contest – In this contest, introduce a trendy hashtag and ask your followers to use it and then tag where they use the hashtag. Set the prize for the largest number of hashtags used by your followers. Moreover, also set a time period in which you will be announcing the winner so that more and more people try to get in the contest.

Best Comment Contest – This is a self-explanatory contest in which you ask your followers to make the comments and set a prize for the best instagram comment.

We hope that these simple contest help you earn more followers but if by any chance you are unable to, you can get in touch with us and we will make sure that you get the desired number of followers in minimum time.

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