November 26, 2020

6 Strategies To Help You Ace The GMAT

Strategies To Help You Ace The GMAT

Strategies To Help You Ace The GMAT

The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT), like any other test, requires thorough preparation for one to attain a high score. The GMAT is meant to test the student’s skills and that’s why cramming is not a good strategy for studying for the GMAT.

Since the GMAT demands a lot of preparation as well as planning, this article is meant to help you to get the most of your study time.Consider these strategies as they will help you to ace the GMAT.

  1. Be Prepared

Most students taking the GMAT set aside 3-6 months to study for the test. This time should be spent familiarizing yourself with the test format and trying to understand what the test entails. You will need to learn more concerning the computer-based test and the short essays that are examined in the analytical writing section, which provides sections of business writing and ask you to evaluate their reasonability.

Keep in mind that test dates don’t take a lot of time before they fill-up. Upon, choosing the test date, enroll immediately so that you’re in a position to take the test at the most appropriate time.

  1. Know The GMAT Format

The GMAT has three main sections followed by a break after every section.

  • Analytical writing is usually the first section.You will be required to write an essay explaining an issue and another essay outlining what the argument is all about. You will have up to 60 minutes, and will be followed by a 10-minute break that is optional. Since breaks are optional, you can opt to continue without a break.
  • The quantitative section is the next section.It is composed of 37 questions, and lasts for one hour, fifteen minutes followed by a 10-minute break, which is also optional.
  • The verbal section is the last, and it comprises of 41 questions that also last for one hour, fifteen minutes. Familiarizing yourself with the text format ensures you are not new to the text, which will enhance your possibilities of doing well.
  1. Take Practice Tests

Take your time and look for practice tests online that are sourced from the previous GMAT exams. Also, there are books with a variety of revision questions at the end of every section with answers and their explanations. Even though questions tend to differ, the strategies used to answer them always remain the same. Get to know all sorts of questions and try to come up with a technique for answering each of them.

Practice tests also help you to analyze the areas you need to improve and the areas which require little or no additional work. A GMAT tutor can help you go over your test results to determine what areas you need to focus on and how to adjust your study schedule accordingly.

  1. Sharpen Time Management Skills

Time is a crucial part of any test since every test has its own duration. Apart from studying thoroughly, you need to sharpen your time management skills so that you are well informed about the approximate time each question should take. This will ensure you have answered all the questions on time.

  1. Draft AStudy Plan

A study plan is very crucial when determining the performance of any test. A good study plan will help you to set time for each and every section so that no section will be neglected. If you’re not sure where to start, your GMAT tutor can always help you create the perfect study schedule based on your timeline. This will ensure you are well prepared for all the sections and when the test approaches you will have more confidence.This will be pivotal when it comes to acing the GMAT.

  1. Concentrate On Your Weaknesses

After taking several practice tests, you should be able to identify your areas of weakness. You can then modify your study plan to have more time to concentrate on such areas. Re-look at the questions that you didn’t provide correct answers for and try to find out what went wrong. Through this, you will find the concept you need to grasp, thereby excelling in your GMAT prep. You can also consult your GMAT tutor for help with the concepts you are finding hard to grasp.

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