January 25, 2021

8 Tips on Becoming a Successful Male Stripper

Male Stripper

Male Stripper

For many guys, the dream of becoming a male stripper is very alluring. Imagine getting the uninterrupted attention of a room full of screaming women, all focused on you. More than a few of them are throwing money at you, and some may even be begging for you to strip all the way. In short, for many men, it is a dream come true.

However, how do you get there? Here we’ll take a look at 8 quick tips that you can take to become a successful male stripper.

1. Be Comfortable

The single best tip we can provide for becoming a successful male stripper is to be comfortable in your own skin. If you’re the type of guy who isn’t comfortable taking his shirt off at the beach, this definitely isn’t the job for you! However, it goes deeper than that. If you can’t handle the occasional off-hand remark about your appearance, it will show and your career as a male stripper will suffer. However, this isn’t a job for only perfect guys; plenty of guys with scars, moles, and other imperfections do exceptionally well in this field.

2. Do Your Research

Male strippers are not as common as female strippers, and appealing to the female psyche (or, for many markets, the gay male psyche) is different than what you might expect. A striptease for a girlfriend after she saw “Magic Mike” is a very different thing than what you’ll be doing. As such, contact agencies that contract with strippers and ask them for advice. Some may even offer to let you observe a training session.

3. Get in Shape

It should go without saying, but few women want to see a guy with a beer belly doing a routine. While you don’t have to be a muscle-bound beast, being in shape will definitely help. Remember that your potential clients will be shopping with their eyes first, and that they will want someone who causes fellow party-goers to have a jaw-dropping moment.

4. Learn a Routine, or Several

One great way to get in shape is to focus on learning stripping routines. Stripping is very much an art form, and as you progress in it, your body will become more accustomed to building the sort of physique that lets you execute those movements almost effortlessly. This will also build the sort of definition and tone that your clients will crave. Also, good dancing abilities almost always earn higher tips.

5. Set Firm Boundaries

Some performers don’t go down to ‘the Full Monty,’ a name given to going completely nude. Others may let the audience touch, but still others may prefer that everyone stay at a distance. Establishing firm boundaries, and communicating those boundaries, is important. After all, you may be giving your audience a show, but that does not mean that they own you.

6. Set a Stage Name

Whatever you do, do not use your actual name as a stage name. Chances are that you don’t want your male stripping career to get back prematurely to your family, or interfere with your career goals if you choose to change course somewhere down the line. Instead, choose a name that is either really funny or really sexy; chances are that with today’s clients, the funnier name will go further. Think back to middle school for this one; there’s no need to be overly detailed.

7. Be Professional

For many guys, screaming women begging them to take his clothes off while they eye you up and down is the dream. However, you absolutely should keep it professional. Remember that many of these women will be drinking, and that some jurisdictions could regard any actions you take as having been granted less than affirmative consent. But your commitment to being professional shouldn’t just be about that. Answer emails and phone calls, be on time, and communicate with your point person.

8. Remember Who the Client Is

Being a male stripper can be an incredible amount of fun, but at the end of the day, your client’s good time comes first. If it’s a bachelorette party, focus on the bride, no matter how hot the bridesmaids may be. Let them always be a step or two ahead of you in aggressiveness, and use their attitude to gauge your next moves. That will not only result in a good time for all, but a lot more in tips.


With that in mind, it may be time to take the next steps towards your dream. Most of all, have fun, stay safe, and remember, the more you enjoy it, the more your audience will too.


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