January 25, 2021

9 Mythbuster Stories About Dentists

Mythbuster Stories About Dentists

Mythbuster Stories About Dentists

People have misconceptions about visiting the dentist. Between hearing Auntie Nettie’s stories about getting her teeth pulled out with pliers and the root canal procedure that can be likened to visiting the depths of Hades, we all have been guilty of listening to stories that strike fear in our hearts and make us run from our appointment calendar.

Dentists have gotten a bad rap—all we want to do is provide the best service to you and restore your oral health, yet we are associated with pain, discomfort, and torture devices that harm us rather than help us. Maybe it’s time that we put some of these misconceptions to rest so that we can make our regular maintenance appointments with confidence and restore our healthiest and brightest smiles. Here are some of the most ridiculous misconceptions about dental care, and the truths that need to be uncovered about them. Never fear, your dentist is here…..and we’re here to help you! Enjoy these tall tales and myths surrounding dentistry, and we look forward to seeing you at your next appointment:

Dental myth #1: Baby teeth do not need dental check ups

On the contrary, your child needs to be vigilant about dental health BEFORE teeth start erupting through the gumline! Feeding your child a proper diet rich in whole foods, stimulating gum tissue and making regular inspections for irregularities, and visiting your dentist to evaluate and treat issues that do arise are all going to be essential to setting up good oral habits that last for life.

Dental myth #2: Bleeding gums are not a serious issue

Gingivitis, a degeneration of gum tissue, is a common problem among many people, but it should not be ignored. One symptom of gingivitis that is worsening is bleeding gums; over time, if this condition is not treated, it can lead to tooth and bone loss, severe infections, and consequences that affect your entire body. If you notice bleeding or sensitive gums when brushing and flossing, don’t assume that this is a normal condition. See your dentist for an accurate diagnosis and subsequent treatment.

Dental myth #3: Gums only bleed because I’m brushing too hard

Your gums should not be bleeding….period. It has nothing to do with brushing too hard or flossing too vigorously; this tissue is normally quite robust, and should withstand regular care measures. Bleeding gums are a sign of underlying infection; have your dentist come up with a plan for treating and possibly reversing the issue.

Dental myth #4: All toothpaste is the same

Although mainstream toothpaste brands are essential comprised of the same ingredients, there are some that offer specialized care that have different ingredients and different functions. Having your dentist help you choose the right brand for your teeth and your specific oral needs will be instrumental in achieving optimal oral health.

Dental myth #5: Male and female teeth are the same

Regular care such as brushing and flossing, eating a sensible diet, and attending regular checkups are things that everyone needs. When it comes to specific needs, however, female teeth come under fire much more frequently than male teeth. At various points during a woman’s cycle, her mouth is at risk for infections, plaque buildup, and development of gingivitis, so it is important that women remain vigilant about their dental care.

Dental myth #6: Fruit juice is good for you

While certain fruit juices are good for the body, very few are beneficial in the mouth. Naturally occurring sugars that exist in the juice remain in the mouth long after you have finished your glass–this is what contributes to the buildup of plaque and tartar on the teeth. In addition, acidic juices such as citrus juices contain acid compounds that can wear the enamel right off your teeth. If you must consume juice, wait at least twenty minutes before brushing your teeth, as the sugars and acid present in juice will be scrubbed into enamel if you brush too early.

Dental myth #7: Medication does not affect oral health

Your mouth maintains a delicate balance of good and bad bacteria; this delicate ecosystem can be disrupted by vitamins, supplements, and medications that you take on a regular basis. If you notice changes in the moisture of your mouth, if your teeth become sensitive or stained without valid reason, or if you notice any other changes to your teeth and gums, consult your dentist and be sure to have a list of medications that you can add to your chart. It may benefit you to find a holistic dentist in wagga wagga, as they are more knowledgeable about treating your entire state of health, rather than your mouth. They understand the intimate connection between the effect of medications on your body and how it affects your oral health. If your dentist knows what you are currently taking, he may be able to proactively treat your teeth to reduce the effects of meds on your mouth.

Dental myth #8: Bleaching is harmful for teeth

Some say that bleaching or whitening the teeth damages enamel and weakens tooth structures, but there is no concrete evidence to support this idea. Bleaching does cause temporary sensitivity, so you may initially have increased sensations associated with heat and cold, but this should subside over time, leaving you with the benefits of bleaching with no lasting damages.

Dental myth #9: Dental issues are restricted to the mouth

With studies pointing to clear links between periodontal disease and heart issues, diabetes, and even cancer, it is critical that you pay attention and give care to the health of your mouth, for it really does affect the health of your entire body. Bacteria that are present in the mouth can spread to other areas of the body, causing inflammation, infections, and even organ failure in extreme cases. Brush and floss those teeth, please!

In light of this new information, we hope that you see your dentist as an ally to optimum health rather than an obstacle to be feared. Dentists are qualified individuals who are passionate about health, and we want you to experience your most vibrant health and wellness! What are you waiting for? Make yourself an appointment today!

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