January 27, 2021

A List Of Must Have Tools In A Tool Box For Daily Use

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There are different types of tools that you will need in your daily life to use. Tools are actually very useful objects.

  • These tools will allow you to do a specific task yourself and save on the money that you may need to pay for the handyman in your locality.
  • It will also make the task much easier. You will be able to complete a given task in quick time only if you have the right tool in your tool box.
  • These tools do not cost much and are not cumbersome and heavy like the old ones used to be.
  • The modern tools are simple, sleek in design, compact and most importantly automatic that eliminated even the need of carrying the huge load, literally, of the lengths of cable.
  • Operated by powerful batteries, you do not even have to look for a power source if you want to work outside, making it all the more convenient for you to use these tools. You can set your work site anywhere as and when required.

In short, if you are a ‘do it yourself’ kind of a person, then these tools are the most essential ones that you should have in your tool box in your home for your daily or occasional use.

The list of tools

There are many tools that you will need at home for your day to day use. This is the list of the most mandatory tools to possess.

  • A claw hammer: This is perhaps the mostly used tool by any person at home. Used mostly for driving in and taking out nails from the walls or from a wooden chest, these hammers have one side of the head for designed for hammering the nails through and the other side of the head curved and split to draw the nails out from the given surface. Used for dual purposes, this tool will help you to drive and extract nails at the same time, making it all the more useful, effective and mandatory for your tool box. Typically weighing about 16 ounces, you will get different types of such hammers to choose the one that is most reliable to your daily use.
  • A tape measure: This is another mandatory tool in a tool box which needs no further explanation to define its usefulness. Used for measuring to ensure the cuts and fits are precise, these tapes that comes with two side measurements are one tool that you should never ignore. One of its side measures in inches and the other in feet. Make sure you buy and use one that has clearly marked and legible lines and numbers.
  • Torque wrench: This is a specific tool that you should have for tightening or loosening the nuts or bolts in any appliances or device. The force you apply for this is called the torque, according to physics, but you need not know about it in detail to use this tool in the right way.
  • Needle nose pliers: Almost all homes have this tool that is extensively used for electrical works. This tool will allow you to cut wires, stripe and bend them and even grip the electrical wire at places where your fingers cannot reach. The needle nose pliers are sleek in design, small and compact in size that will fit in your back pocket but keep it in your tool box for sure.
  • A utility knife: Knives are one of the most used and significant tools found in every household. You can use a knife for a wide variety of purposes that needs cuttings. You will get different sizes and sharpness of knives to choose from. Sift though different knives as you would sift through the different options at com looking for the most suitable relief option according to your need and financial ability. Ideally, you should have at least three to four sizes of knives in your tool box for several works.
  • Screw driver: Meant for unscrewing and screwing of screws of different types, shapes, sizes and heads, a screw driver is the most essential tool to possess in a tool box. You will get different types and sizes of screw drivers meant for screws with different head types. You can choose from the manual or powered format but make sure you buy anything that you are comfortable to work with. You should have different types of screw drivers or one screwdriver that can be replaced with different types of drivers for screwing and unscrewing different sizes of screws.
  • Electric tester: You should never embark on any electrical work if you do not have an electric tester in your tool box. This tool will enable you to know about the electrical presence or absence in a device, appliance, switch or wires. This tool will ensure your safety and prevent any untoward incidents.
  • Drilling machine: This is another significant tool that should essentially feature in your tool list. This tool will eliminate the need to drill holes on the wall using hammer and a chisel that is not only laborious and tiring but can also cause significant injuries to your fingers, part from the blisters developing if you drill occasionally. A powered drilling machine will make the work easy and convenient apart from saving a lot of time and effort. You will not need to hire anyone to drill the necessary number of holes in your home and thereby save on a considerable amount of money as well.
  • A saw: If you have to work on wooden, metal or aluminum objects, then you will certainly need a saw, manual or powered, in your tool box. There are different types of saws such as reciprocating cordless sawzall, hand saw, back saw, circular saw, tenon saw, band saw, bow saw, dry cut metal saw and more. Choose the one that you need for your jobs rather than buying all of them.

Lastly, you should have a torch light in your tool box to work in the absence of electricity or while working on electrical connections.

To conclude, you may not need all these tools but have it all well-organized to get these when you need.

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