January 26, 2021

Are Homemade Hair Care Products Any Good?

Hair Care Products

Hair Care Products

The popularity of do-it-yourself videos on YouTube speaks volumes of the demand. Home improvement makes up a significant chunk of the DIY market, which also explains the countless renovation shows on cable TV today.

According to the 2018 survey, money is the primary motivator on why Millennials are taking on a home renovation project themselves. This motivation can also be valid on hair care or beauty products, as well. Instead of buying synthetic or Natural Hair Care, they go online and search for recipes or how-to articles so they can cook their own concoctions.

But is DIY the better route to take for Natural Hair Care?

Here are some disadvantages of DIY hair care products:

  1. Plenty of trial and error

If it is your first time to make shampoo at home, you are going to be experimenting a lot, particularly during the initial stages. You will likely throw away your initial attempts, and those will cost you money. When you do DIY hair care, expect a more expensive upfront cost.

The fragrance is the trickiest part. Watching some videos is not the same as going on the shelf and sniffing the bottle of shampoo. It might look good on paper, but the final output might not translate well in real life.

  1. Sourcing out raw materials

Another trouble you might encounter is when you shop for ingredients for your DIY hair care product.

For instance, if you are purchasing Natural Hair Care products online, try to read the label. You will find that their ingredients include Jamaican black castor oil, black seed oil extract, Oat, Kernel Oil, coconut oil, Aloe Vera, as well as essential vitamins (A, E, B, and C).

Now, how can you hope to replicate that with your homemade shampoo?

  1. Inconvenience

This one is quite obvious. Unless you are making batches by the gallons, you will likely add to your monthly routine trip to the grocery store or pharmacy to buy the ingredients. You will also have to set some time to prepare the materials to make your hair care product. If you have a busy schedule, can you afford to repeat the same cycle once or twice a month?

In contrast, after running out of supply, you simply have to go online, drag the Natural Hair Care product to the cart, and wait for your order to arrive.

  1. Spoils quickly 

One of the misconceptions of natural products is they do not contain preservatives. It is the only way to extend the shelf life of the Natural Hair Care product. It is also the same problem encountered by DIYers, who could not seem to guarantee that their homemade concoctions will last a long time. As a result, they fail to maximize the value of their money. Instead of using the shampoo for a long time, it ends up in the trash anyway.

One advantage of DIY hair care products is that you know what ingredients are going into the product, unlike synthetic shampoos and conditioners, for example. However, with natural brands, you are guaranteed that the raw materials are environmentally friendly. They are also less harsh to your hair and scalp because they do not use harsh chemicals that can pose health risks to pets and children.

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