January 26, 2021

Best Grey’s Anatomy Episodes and Famous Characters

Best Grey's Anatomy Episodes

Best Grey's Anatomy Episodes

The fallen of Gray’s is a great success, so everyone probably misses these characters the most. These characters have really touched the hearts of the people through their performances.

  • Lexie Grey

Lexie, until this day, remains one of the best mourning Grey’s setbacks. And because the writers felt it was necessary to introduce Maggie and Amelia in Lexie’s disappearance.

While Meredith’s relationships with her new sisters seem entertaining to watch and sometimes endearing, those two have not ever filled the void created behind by Lexie Grey. Lexie was the original Grey sibling, and the audience started watching the problematic relationship with both her and Meredith develops into a caring bond. It sought to make Lexie’s already intestinal demise among the most tragic in the show.

  • Charles

There was no limit to Charles Percy’s annoying actions before he died in season 6. When Percy and the Mercy West inhabitants relocated to Seattle Grace in the takeover, Charles perceived as rude, and so as a consequence, he was difficult to like.

His death took place in the notorious hospital shooting. It’s sad to admit that such an inhabitant’s only redeeming qualities came to light at that time, trying to make his final minutes as he passed away in Dr. Bailey’s arms, loving, poignant, as well as a little tearful. But his persona has probably disappeared from the minds of most supporters at this moment in time.

  • Mark Sloan

McSteamy was undoubtedly even more recognizable rather than his best mate, McDreamy. Mark Sloan was arrogant, stubborn, and undeniably amongst the most popular characters in Grey’s existence.

His romance with Derek was indeed an absolute favorite for fans. His relationship with Callie was excellent. His position in the home of Callie-Arizona-Sofia became even more charming. His involvement with Lexie was mesmerizing and is still counted to be among Grey’s best love interests until this day.

The performances of these characters are awesome in watch Greys Anatomy season 14.

  • Derek Shepherd

McDreamy’s demise was undoubtedly tragic, and that was horrible to watch Meredith take away his life support. Nonetheless, the on-again aspect of the ‘Mer-Der’ relationship, Derek’s regular mood changes, as well as the fact because he seemed to toy with infidelity, gave McDreamy his portion with less-than-dreamy experiences. Between eleven seasons, the question raised: is he missing?

Patrick Dempsey’s goofy charm brought Derek a unique quality that made him utterly memorable. But some would go as far as to suggest that Meredith benefited from Derek’s death, during which she progresses her medical career and received the Harper Avery honor in the meantime.

  • George O’malley

Elevator Guy’s Heart, Puppy, Bambi. Whatever you want to name him, since the very beginning of the series, George O’Malley stole hearts. The crowd has been through a great deal with George, enjoying him in even his most terrible decisions, since it was impossible not to love George.

T.R. Knight played an amusing character, among the most unforgettable in Gray’s history. In the final, after five seasons of the show, George’s destiny was tragic. After being run over by a bus, he was assumed (in the best part of the ep) always to be a critically injured, unrecognizable John Doe. Most would treat this as an ignominious conclusion to a great character.

  • Adele

Adele had been an icon, but she has been overlooked because of her typical cameo appearance. She occasionally appeared in Grey’s Anatomy over most of the duration. Given the less screen time, actress Loretta Devine moved too much life into the whole character.

Adele’s scenes have always been memorable. She was with her portion of her struggles till the end of her life, along with the problematic battle against Alzheimer’s. At Dr. Bailey’s wedding, Richard announced to Meredith that Adele just died, and the hearts of the audience had broken. Although Richard remarried to Catherine Avery, it is quite difficult not to forget the cherished Adele.

  • Nathan Riggs

Although he didn’t drop dead, the image of Nathan Riggs was crushed into the minds of audiences, and not necessarily desirable. After a couple of seasons with this tiring role and his small but clichéd romance with Meredith, he eventually left in a pretty silly and poorly written sequence.

At first, Nathan seemed to have been curious, with his spooky relation to Owen Hunt. But that wasn’t long until the suspense that once enveloped Dr. Riggs also dissipated. His connection with Meredith deteriorated drastically when he realized that his dying fiancée, Megan Hunt, was still alive, but that was it.

  • Ellis Grey

What would Grey’s Anatomy be without real Dr. Grey herself? Ellis was indeed a highly reputable surgeon whose world revolves throughout her work. When she launched in Grey’s pilot episode, she had Alzheimer’s disease and lived in a lengthy-term care home.

Mostly she was cold towards most individuals, but Ellis Grey was typical in every way. Unfortunately, Meredith never had the chance to fully mend the barriers with her until Ellis was alive, as well as Maggie never had the opportunity to meet her biological mother. While Ellis Grey’s legacy will live on through the many facets of the drama, it’s difficult not to miss her actual existence on the series.

  • Brooks

At first, every batch of interns is distracting. For Heather Brook’s party, the plot never quite came off. Spectators were mostly seen as a nuisance, as Gray’s authors expended a disproportionate amount of airtime on them when nobody felt about them.

Except for Jo Wilson, such interns have vanished from the series. Brooks has been the only intern in her team to obtain an onscreen exit.

  • Reed

Together with Charles Percy, April, and Jackson, Reed was part of the Mercy West group. Another survivor of the hospital assault, her death was shocking.  Maybe it was the most exciting time in the history of her brief-lived career.

Reed was self-centered, and the truth that she thought about trying to establish a flirtation with Alex soon after Izzie’s exit from the series fueled the viewers disgust for her. She was still in the series for a short period after being sacked by Richard and afterward re-hired by Derek.

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