January 26, 2021

Buying Guide For Heat Guns

Buying Guide For Heat Guns

Buying Guide For Heat Guns

A basic know how about a heating gun suggests that there is a heating element with a fan and motor. Because of the ease of construction it presents to be one of the popular power tools. To your tool kit they are a wonderful value addition as you can put it use for wide applications. In case if you plan to buy heat gun online India there are various characteristics that you need to pay attention.

Professional or do it yourself

Just like any other power tools, heat guns are designed for commercial or household uses. In the DIY context it means that someone would need a light use. Example would be a home owners stripping off paint from the grills.  For a professional they are going to use the tool on a daily basis like packing a garage or a warehouse. They are designed to withstand the toughest of working conditions.


Most of the power guns that are present in the market of today are electrically driven. In hindsight they have higher power needs. With higher wattage better performance is assured, assuming with the tool you can control the settings.

Adjustable temperature

To align with the various tasks, with some form of temperature control they are designed. With basic models you have 2 to 3 settings, but with advanced settings you can zero in on temperature needs.

Adjustable air flow

This would enable you to drive back the force from the blast present in the nozzle. In case if you happen to work with lightweight materials or working with sensitive surfaces you do not want heat to be an issue. You can also go on to increase the air speed whereby quick results are obtained.

Temperature scanners

Another notable feature that is found in professional machines but also DIY tools appears to be a temperature scanner. Though most hot air tools provide ample guide on the amount of heat that is produced by the tool, with temperature scanner the exact temperature at a point is figured out. It provides a platform to control heat in a precise manner.

LED and LCD displays

Professional users will give their nod of approval to LED and LCD displays. A visual pointer on temperature along with speed settings in terms of airflow is ascertained. It provides an in depth analysis and restores confidence to work. With electric heat gun online they are also available in high end tools.

Thermal cut off

A tool that is embedded with the feature of thermal cut off is prone to shut down if the internal temperature reaches a predetermined point. For example this arises after a prolonged period of use. Not only it ensures safety but promotes long life of the tool.

Accessories and nozzles

Lastly the machine does not appear to be the only point of consideration while purchasing a power gun. In case if you are planning to use for a specific application you need to be aware whether accessories or nozzles are available for the intended purpose.

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