January 25, 2021

Debt management apps provide debt relief by showing the way to manage debts on your own

Debt management apps

Debt management apps

Some uneasiness accompanies debts, especially when borrowers face too many debts that can become unmanageable and create a lot of stress. It can be awful to find yourself too much in debts and knowing little about how to keep things under control. Most people who carry several debts go through the most painful times. They wake up in the morning immensely worried about facing debt collectors and creditors who keep knocking at their doors. The repeated follow up calls can be so irritating that debtors would be better off had they not taken a loan, but then that is only a wishful thinking. Depending on loans has become a way of life and it is not bad as long as you keep debts under control with a regular payment. But this is where most borrowers falter, and life becomes miserable for them.

Poor financial management is the reason for debtors’ distress. Borrowing is not bad as long as you are in control of your finances so that you can allocate funds for repayment. However, seldom do people take stock of their finances at the time of taking loans because they consider loans as a means to fight the fire and mostly take impulsive decisions at the spur of the moment.  Often, there is little or no planning behind taking loans, and this can adversely affect the finances and cause more problems in managing debts.

Look for solutions

When you face such a situation, you have two options to look for solutions. The first is to consult some debt settlement companies that can guide you in all matters related to debt relief. The other is to go through online debt settlement reviews to gather information about how many others like you have been able to tide over a similar crisis. A third option is also available, and it depends on how good you are in using technology to manage your debts better.    By exercising self-discipline and using the right tools or mobile apps that you will find quite many, you can manage your debts more efficiently and keep away from all worries.

The app is your financial manager

As told earlier, the majority of debt woes happen due to poor financial management because either people are not capable of managing their finances on their own or they ignore the aspect completely and become heavily dependent on debts. Technology has now empowered people who can fall back upon some financial tools to help them manage their finances better and in the process, manage debts better too. Just as you can approach a debt settlement company to help you out with better financial planning and debt management solutions similarly, you can use the right tools to do the job for you.

Several mobile apps are available that you can install on your mobile phone and manage your debts even when you are moving around.  The assistance of mobile apps or debt management tools helps to avoid the distress resulting from debts going out to control and damaging your financial future.

Debt reduction apps

Here are some mobile applications that can help you to get out of debts and show the way to lead a stress-free life by better debt management. The apps popularly known as debt reduction apps should help you to monitor the debts closely and work out the most convenient options of the loan payment that aligns with your overall financial goals.  Some tools or apps are available free, and you may have to buy some others that are quite pocket-friendly to start a new chapter in financial management.

Debt snowball calculator

Every borrower who wants to keep debts under control would benefit by knowing the options of paying off debt in a short time.  The longer you carry debts, more complications can arise. The Debt Snowball Calculator is a tool that you can download on your mobile phone and keep close track of your debt besides working out the quickest payback options. The app will throw up various options that teach you how to pay off debts from the smallest to the largest as you keep increasing payments while paying back one debt after another.  The updated data about interest rates, balances, and payments are at your fingertips so that you can allocate funds to maximize payments.


This free financial management tool is available both online, or you can download the app on your mobile device. The app allows you to set your financial goals like saving for a vacation or buying a house or paying back your debts and credit card loans. Once you choose the goal, the app will pull all your financial data and link with your bank, credit card accounts, and loans to enable you to monitor deadlines, spending, and payoffs. By using the graphs and data, you should be able to learn to spend by allocating funds properly for paying off debts faster without disturbing your family budget.

Debt Tracker Pro

The Debt Tracker Pro application helps to monitor all your accounts from one place. The highly user-friendly app is simple and easy to use that helps to view your balances so that you can view the bigger picture. By customizing your financial information, you can create a repayment plan so that you always stay on track as the debts remain visible in front of your eyes.

Unbury. Me

While there is a fixed debt repayment plan offered with loans, an easier way to manage debts is to look for a customized debt repayment plan for which Unbury. Me is the most appropriate tool. You have the option of choosing snowball payments for your debts or use the avalanche method that knocks off the highest interest debts with the largest payment first and then takes up the smaller ones. On entering your goal and balance information, the app will monitor your payments. You receive payment reminders and reminders for other deadlines that never allow you to forget payments and ensure quick payback of debts.

 The apps teach you better debt management that encourages self-discipline, which is key to debt relief.

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