November 26, 2020

Digital marketing trends to keep an eye on in 2019

Digital marketing trends

Digital marketing trends

In modern day technology innovations our day starts off with electronic newsletters and ends up social media notifications. No wonders to the fact on how technological wonders have gone on to create an impact in our day to day lives. Be it playing your favourite apps or hearing music through voice technology they indeed have come a long way since the time of inception.

The need of the hour is for business houses to be fully aware of the latest digital market trends of 2019. Even the best digital marketing training in Delhi ensures it is part of the course curriculum. It works wonders for companies that go on to provide excellent levels of customer service.

The concept of digital market is an evolving trend. The concepts are bound to change with the drop of a hat. This is particular sensitive to the changing demands of your business and amidst the digital revolution it is bound to impact and change your business in a unique way. Let us now explore some popular digital trends of 2019

Voice search

A prediction is nearly 50 % of searches are expected to follow the voice module by 2020. In our daily day to day lives voice search is going to be of vital importance. Examples like you cannot type when you are cooking or even when you drive as with utmost convenience voice searches enable you to perform the task with perfection.

For most of us speaking is a natural option as compared to typing words. This expanded technology has gone on to evolve at a considerable pace along with expanded insight that has gone on to emerge. A new challenge will be presented to the digital marketers as they need to move in a new direction. As part of a digital marketing trend of 2019, voice search is expected to touch new heights.

The traditional way of search is losing its value as numerous voice searches are available. As per numbers 58 % of customers have gone on to rely on voice search for information pertaining to their local business. The bestselling product of Amazon was E dot in 2018. Once a voice search was conducted nearly 58 % of customers paid a visit to the website of a local business

Content marketing

Another evolving digital marketing trend is content marketing.  Though content might be termed as the king but it is the lady or the queen that goes on to rule the house. In the year 2018, we did go on to realize the importance of content on the digital platform. The coming year 2019, customers are going to focus on dignified content and not depend on advertisements. This leads to an assumption that the more informative and engaging your content is more visibility via an online platform.

Though the quality is going to matter but an in depth understanding of the market is important. For this a general audience is always essential and when you combine it with improved techniques the effectiveness of the business is expected to grow. A prediction by experts is that close to 30 % of business houses would be ad block by the year 2018.

Artificial intelligence is an option to think at a higher level. With the concept of ad block really taking off an entrepreneur has to formulate engage and dignified content for the interest of the users. As part of the course material in the top digital marketing institute in Delhi NCR the focus is on quality content.

Artificial intelligence

A machine developing something from scratch seems a remote possibility. Data automation along with machine learning is popular technologies that are growing all over the world. Artificial intelligence could be of benefit to the company if it is possible to analyse consumer behaviour and this information can be interpreted. This does help a business house to provide superior levels of services to their clients. The costs are reduced and even help a business to grow.

In this current year we might see AI generating content. Certain areas are there that can be developed by AI that can go on to attract potential visitors to your website. You are in a position to churn in loads of resource in terms of time and money. Not only AI is able to create content but can go on to curate it. Visitors are going too spent more time on the website if they locate engaging content.

Video marketing

Video marketing dominated the market in 2018 and this is going to be the same case in 2019. In the last few years ever since the evolution of smartphones videos have become the preferred tool of communication. This seems to be the case with social media applications. For effective communication to user short videos are an enjoyable and reliable form of communication.

Not only the essence of the message will be delivered to a user but it can add up to the entertainment value. For call to action play buttons are incorporated. Once the word video is mentioned on the subject line nearly 20 % of users open the email. Such is the popular impact of video marketing.

YouTube is just behind Google in terms of popularity and hardly this is a matter of surprise.

Social media marketing

Social media is indispensable and has gone on to become part of our lives in a big way. These platforms are not only a source of fashion but are digging with a definite purpose. Their reach is expanding and just as another form of marketing can attract potential customers easily. Social media marketing provides a platform for your business to grow immensely.

In all the social media platforms there is an option of a live video feature. With smartphones in every hook and corner you can watch these videos at a moment’s notice. It also provides customers with an opportunity to know about the business better. Any questions they have are answered at the moment and the customers are brought closer to the business.

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