July 13, 2020

Discuss various channels that support the customer care services

customer care services

customer care services

Customer care is the process of taking care of customers to ensure their satisfaction level and pleasant interaction with a company and its brand, products and services. Take care adopts the philosophy of customer care because it has an individual approach to the journey of a customer with a brand. Every company applies this mentality to their customers to make sure they feel respected and cared for during the life of a contract of a product. Customer service is responsible for helping the clients and getting the value of what they paid for a product or service, especially when things go wrong, or the product is not working. Now a day’s all companies have a dedicated customer service department, but those that invest in providing excellent technical support experiences make it a company-wide responsibility to provide their customers with the right level of support. Majority of business companies give the customer care services at home also like laptop service for the repair of laptops, gas stove service to repair the gas stove and even water purifiers like eureka forbes customer care help to fix the purifiers online or offline both. Excellent customer service is significant for companies that have a strong financial incentive to retain their customers and to keep their customer it is necessary to solve their issues online or provide home care customer services because in the competitive market it is the main tool to make your customer happy with every aspect. According to a random survey, the following are the customer service barometer:

  • 50% of consumers have discarded a purchase because of poor service experience.
  • 7 out of 10 buyers say they will spend more money in a business that provides excellent customer service.
  • 33% of clients say they would seek to change an opponent after a single poor service experience

One of the important point is that every business has to provide the 24*7 customer service so that customer can take help from anywhere to anytime. Now the next point is to be considered is to choose the right and appropriate customer service channels. The assistance channel which is chosen by the customer is must support all the queries and give the relative reply to the customer queries and same for the companies they have to meet and satisfy all the request of the customers. The right support tools keep the standards high of all companies who provide excellent customer service.

Following some basic channels from where customer service provided.

  1. Provide fast replay via email: – Email is the easiest way to support the customer. Email is easy to manage than live support channels because it didn’t require any customer executive to be online at the same time and in mail some standard format is already prepared so whenever a query is coming via mail then automated reply is sent within the few seconds or a simple message is forward to customer for his query. The email automatically creates a record of client and customer executive discussion, allowing the heads of the companies to see how satisfied a customer was with support experience. A final benefit of email is its simplicity. 
  1. Social networks: – Social network support various customer services and these differs from other available channels in a primarily way: the answers are public, visible to anyone who wants to see them. And anyone senior person of a company makes the interaction with a client through social networks. The Social network is an opportunity to demonstrate: who is the client, why they cancel the purchase, why they like the product, how’s the overall experience. Now companies offer customer service on social media platforms where they already have their marketing presence.
  1. Online current chat: – Live chat is an excellent way to provide quick and easily reachable assistance to current and potential customers. As companies have to consider implementing live chat, think about where they want customers to access (for example, high-priority pages in your store) and what the company hopes to achieve with it. The Company has to invite potential customers who are browsing but still not finalised an order .then there is need to start a live chat conversation, or enable live chat for customers who have just made a purchase but may have a question or problem. It is not necessary that live chat has to be available 24/7. Company can set the hours and publish them on their website, such as the response times for emails, messages etc. so that customers know in the advance when the customer executives are available. The availability of live chat is based on busy times, with additional hours added during a sale or immediately after sending a promotional email. 
  1. Call support: Offer a direct communication with potential clients. Majority of customers prefer phone calls for urgent and time-sensitive problems, especially when they have a problem with a costly product or when they didn’t find any reply for their emails or messages. Company set up a telephone line where customers can communicate with customer executive directly if an executive is busy in another call then other client’s call put on hold. The small businesses are not expected to be available 24 hours a day, so it is mandatory for all small business companies to post their availability on their website, along with how quickly customers can expect a reply back. All the customer care centre provide their contact number where the customer do an direct call for assistance like if phone is not getting started, laptop screen is blinking and same for water purifier, if it is not working then call on company related service number like call on eureka forbes customer care number where customer take the assistance.
  1. The Content of the help: Companies provide their support to their customers via content help where they already put the answers for most common questions. Providing this kind of information to the customers for help them to search their answers so that they can save their essential time also.

To focus on the customer experience is not only the latest trend but also a type of smart business. It turns out all points of contacts, but this way can increase the profit also Surveys have shown that 86% of consumers would pay extra for better customer experience.

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