January 25, 2021

Get These Watches For Black Friday

Watches For Black Friday

Watches For Black Friday

Black Friday is upon us. And you know what that means? Big sales. Crazy discounts. Chance of a lifetime to get something that you’ve been dreaming of. Want a new iPhone? Looking for a new smartwatch? Looking to score the best beauty deals? Black Friday will certainly deliver. All you got todo is wait and scope out the best deals.

Black Friday is also a great way to buy presents for the Holidays. Christmas is just around the corner – less than sixty days, in fact, so you might want to start your holiday shopping early. There are many benefits to early Christmas shopping- among them, you’d skip the rush and the long lines.

So how about some watch deals this Black Friday? One of the best things that this day has in store is that everything you can think of merchandise-wise has a sort of deal in it. Luxury watches? Check. Smartwatches? You got it. Here are the best Black Friday watch deals this year, and rest assured watch shopping never looked and feel better:


When you have a young person in your life – a daughter or a son, a niece or nephew or a cousin toiling away at a college, the most thoughtful and foolproof way to make them feel special is getting them a smartwatch. It’s all the rage with the younger audience these days, and you’ll be hard pressed to make a mistake in buying them.

Apple Watch

With Apple putting out the latest iteration of their famous smartwatch, their previous models are now getting hefty price cuts. Get the Series 4 if you have a more lenient budget as it’s one feature away from the latest generation. The only feature lacking? The always-on display. For a hundred dollars more, we think it’s not worth an upgrade.

If you’re looking for better deals with the Apple Watch, ask about the Series 3. It’s also getting a price cut, and it’s the perfect deal if the one you’re gifting it to haven’t had the chance to acquaint himself with an Apple Watch yet and is heavily using the Apple ecosystem. Some online retailers even pair it in a bundle, and comes with freebies, like power banks.

Samsung Galaxy Watch

The Android ecosystem may have an array of smartwatches in its mantle but the best ones are the ones manufactured by its top original equipment manufacturers like Huawei and Samsung. The Samsung Galaxy Watch specifically, maybe the best Android watch right now. And you guessed it – it’s on the Black Friday sale.

You can get the newest iteration at $250, with the refurbished version $50 lesser. If you can, get the one in black, but you’ll need to be very strategic because we’re sure that it’s likely the variation that will sell out the first. Although, the other variations should look just fine. Make sure to check out bundle discounts as well, so you’re not missing out on great deals.

Luxury Watches

Black Friday may be the best time to get Panerai special editions of luxury watches. From Rolexes to Omegas, when you know where to look for, you’ll be very happy with the discounts on these luxury watches. If you’re looking for something really special to gift to someone, or to get yourself, consider yourself covered.

Gucci G-Timeless

Hear us out. We know that Gucci is not a brand to be reckoned with when it comes to luxury watches – but they have put out great watches for years now. Although some are missing, the Gucci G-Timeless, especially in the black dial, is a handsome and well-crafted watch and is worthy of at least looking into.

Starting at a thousand dollars, you can find price cuts for this watch starting at $150-$250 less. An $800 watch isn’t a meager buy at any level, but for a really good luxury watch? Every single watch connoisseur will tell you it’s a great deal. Gucci used a stainless steel band for this watch and it complements the face ever so excellently.


Undeniably, Black Friday is the sale to get down to. And there is still Cyber Monday to look forward to. As a consumer, it’s a win as these businesses are looking to get rid of their current stock to make way for new ones. So when you’re looking to get the best deals for this holiday, always be on the lookout online!

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