January 25, 2021

How to Choose a Proposal Ring for Your Girlfriend?

Choose a Proposal Ring for Your Girlfriend

Choose a Proposal Ring for Your Girlfriend

A proposal ring is not just a gift but a special symbol. Your girlfriend will remember your marriage proposal forever. This is why it is so important for you to find a proper proposal ring for her. There are lots of important things that you should pay attention to when choosing a proposal ring.

  1. Budget

First of all, you need to decide how much money you can spend on your proposal ring. There is an old tradition that the proposal ring must be equal to your month’s salary. Of course, this sounds good, but be reasonable. It is not the best idea to go into debt to buy a single ring. Because a ring is just the beginning of your expenses. We recommend you to present what you can afford. Try to find an exceptional model even if you are searching for something classical. Remember, it is better not to buy a proposal ring at a discount. Usually, they put huge advertising banners around the city when they have discounts. Your girlfriend has probably already seen those banners. Don’t make her feel that you are trying to save money on her. But don’t forget to save money for your honeymoon.

  1. Size

Ok, you decided what your budget is going to be, but now the hardest part comes. You need to determine her ring size. You may ask one of her friends for help, but make sure that she is not going to tell your girlfriend about your plans. Or you may try to find it out by yourself. It is rather easier if your girlfriend wears rings. In this case, you just need to take it into the jewelry store (just make sure that she won’t notice that her ring has been taken). Remember, you chose the ring for the fourth finger of the left hand. Note that her fingers on the right hand may be a little bit bigger. So make sure that she wears this ring on her left hand. Also, do not forget that the ring should pass through the joint, which is usually slightly wider than the rest of the finger.

  1. Material

Now, when you know her finger size, you can go into the jewelry store and buy a ring. There is only one rule here, and it says that your proposal ring should be made from precious metal with a gemstone. Thin golden ring with a diamond is considered classical. However, the gold can be yellow, white, and pink, or you can choose platinum. If your girlfriend mostly prefers silver jewelry, then it is possible to choose a silver proposal ring. You must be careful when you chose a gemstone. It is better to avoid pearls, rubies, and opals. The size of a gemstone is not that important. Remember, a big gemstone is not always comfortable to wear. Especially during the winter when your girlfriend needs to wear gloves.

When choosing a ring, you should certainly take into account the preferences and tastes of your girlfriend. Pay attention to what kind of jewelry she wears. If this is a classic gold, then you can safely choose the classic form for the ring (gold and with a diamond). If she prefers something more extravagant, then you may have to choose from non-classical solutions to find the perfect proposal ring for her.

The original proposal ring is suitable if your girlfriend doesn’t like the classics and prefers bold design. It would be nice to find out in advance what she thinks about non-standard rings. But the undoubted plus is that your ring isn’t going to be trivial. It is perfect if you both see the concept of originality in the same way. Your proposal ring may have an unusual shape with a fancy diamond or a couple of diamonds, or it may also have another gemstone. For example, it can be a sapphire.

Remember, you are going to make the most important step in your life. When you present a proposal ring, you show tell her that she is important to you and that you care about her. Even if your ring is not exclusive and very expensive, it will still be the best for a loving woman.

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