January 25, 2021

How To Make Perfect Roti With Roti Maker?

Perfect Roti With Roti Maker

Perfect Roti With Roti Maker


Roti making is the traditional food that is most loved and eaten in Indian households. People prefer Roti as the main part of their food. But, Majority of the people use the traditional method of cooking Roti which, if you look from time management and economic perspective, is not suitable for modern cooking. It also provides you comfort and easiness while cooking Roti in your daily routine. But, many people, especially men, don’t know how to cook Roti with Roti maker. Let’s start the process. 

Process of making Perfect Roti with Roti maker 

1. Making the dough

The dough is the first thing that you need to make Rotis. Remember that dough for Roti maker is different from the dough we used on Tawa. The dough should be softer than usual. Don’t store the dough for your next food time. If you do so, it will result in hard Roti with a weird texture. Another important thing to know is that you need to put your dough for rest for about 30-60 minutes before you start making Rotis. If you start using the dough immediately, your Rotis will start breaking. If you have some advanced device Rotimatic roti maker, you don’t need to to do anything. 

Process of dough making

  • Sieve the atta/flour to remove any hard particles or grains
  • Add some more water than the usual and salt as per taste
  • Put a few drops of Ghee/butter/oil for extra softness and taste
  • Knead the dough units to reach stick consistency and softer 

 Important points for Dough making 

  • Always use fresh dough
  • Don’t use the stored dough for Roti making
  • Add more water in dough making for easier and stickier dough
  • After making dough, let it rest for about 30-60 minutes

Make flour balls 

After giving proper rest to the dough, break the dough into different and equal balls as per your family members’ needs. Ensure that balls are in perfect round shape.

  1. Preparing the Roti maker
  • Switch on the roti maker
  • Set the temperature and wait for let it reach the heat limit and indicator light to turn green
  • A green light means your griddle/Tawa is ready for Roti making

 2. Making roti

 Take the dough ball and flatten a little and make it round but not thin

  • Put the ball into the centre of the Griddle towards the handle
  • Close the top and press it to flatten the ball gently and open it immediately
  • Cook the roti for few seconds
  • Flip the side of the Roti when you see some bubbles appearing on it
  • Flip it again and cook both sides
  • The Roti will puff up automatically

What if it does not puff?

  • Your Roti does not puff, close the top of the lid slightly and leave it there and don’t hold the handle. It will puff off and lift the upper lid itself.
  • These same steps you can follow for preparing chapatti, paratha, pancakes, papad and omelette. Don’t close the lid and cook both sides evenly and flip it.

Points to keep in mind for Roti Making

Add more water while kneading

Dough made for Roti maker is little difference what you traditionally made. You need softer and stickier dough for making delicious and tasty Roti with Roti maker. For this, add more water to flour while making dough and it will be softer, and your Roti will puff excellently. You will need the softer and stickier dough to flatten it on the griddle and prepare the dough by adding 15-20% more water.

Additional Tip:  You can make rotis automatically without any efforts applied if you have the advanced rotimatic roti maker machine. You can see its full feature at latest Rotimatic reviews. 

Wait for sometime

After you make the dough, you should wait to rest the dough for about 30-60 minutes to get the best results. By the time the gluten strands begin forming in the kneaded dough and it will make soft and puffy roti. If you are in a hurry, even then wait at least for 10-15 minutes. 

Prepare fresh dough every day

Stored atta or dough in the refrigerator makes your dough hard and does not let your Roti be soft and puffy. Always use the fresh dough to make Rotis as it will keep you and your family healthy, and also your Roti will puff well. 

Use Few drops of Oil

Adding a few drops of oil will make your dough softer and sticker and won’t stick with the Roti maker griddle. Adding oil to the dough helps in spreading the heat evenly on both surfaces of the Roti and even from centres to the corners of Roti. You don’t need to add oil while making dough but you can use the oil to your fingers while making balls from the dough. 

Eat them ASAP

Roti tends to get hard faster as they are made differently than the traditional method. So, it is advised to cook and serve hot for delicious taste and health benefits.

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