January 25, 2021

How to Use Kodi for Enjoying the Ultimate Experience and Free VPNs for iPad

VPNs for iPad

VPNs for iPad

Many heard the name of Kodi, and some also know it is for video streaming, but there are a lot of people out there who don’t know how to use Kody. Some people are confused about whether it is legal to use Kody and some other using it are also not able to explore it to its fullest potential.

Primarily, Kodi is a media streaming platform, which his open-source and fully legal to use. There are a huge number of installations now available for Kodi, and its capabilities are unlimited with Kodi add-ons and libraries.

How is Kodi used?

One the installation is completed, you can next explore how to use Kodi by knowing the Kodi interface. This user interface is called Kodi skin, and you have many choices in customizing Kody skins according to your comfort. You have the option to edit it. There are different skins to choose from with customized option for Movies, TV shows, Music, and for add-ons, etc.

Once you set up the home screen, then you can start streaming. The most effective approach in Kodi streaming is through the appropriate add-ons. The Kodi add-ons are also apps which carry the content that you wish to access. There are thousands of such add-ons from different providers available now. To install a new add-on:

  1. Check Kodi Settings
  2. Go to System
  3. Select Unknown Sources
  4. Select the File Manager option
  5. Select Add Source
  6. Click on <None>
  7. Select the needed add-on

You can now install the add-on of your choice. Don’t try to install all available add-ons, but make a wise choice for optimum efficiency.

Free VPNs to use for iPad and iPhone

Security and privacy are of prime importance for the modern-day smartphone and internet users. It will be great if we have options to try and hide our identities and most sensitive information from the hackers and also keep our browsing activities private. Virtual Private Networks or VPNs can serve this purpose by keeping hiding your identity online and also let the users access web content safely. Let’s explore a few free VPN for iPad options.

  1. TunnelBear

It is a well-known VPN many of the iPad, and iPhone users choose. It allows the users to connect to a private VPN network to securely browse the web from any random servers. You can custom choose the location, and you get 500 MB per month data in the free version of TunnelBear. There is an option to upgrade to premium for unlimited data.

  1. Hotspot Shield

This free VPN for iOS users with unlimited access. There is no registration needed for free users, and there is also no need to provide your credit card details. Apart from free, there is also a paid plan which offers many additional features.

  1. SurfEasy VPN

SurfEasy is also known to be one of the top-line VPNs for iOS devices. You can choose from many server locations to route the traffic through that server and remain anonymous online. The free version of SurfEasy offers 500 MB data, and you can also upgrade to premium for unlimited data.

Some other handy VPN options for IPad users are Betternet, VPN Master Free, IPVanish, VPN Unlimited, etc., which offer both free and premium options.

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