July 6, 2020

Implementation of Direct Current Linear Actuators for Industrial Purposes

Direct Current Linear Actuators

Direct Current Linear Actuators

Electric linear actuators for general industrial use are compact high-power devices designed for a great number of production processes using linear motion automation. The most popular type of linear actuator is the direct current linear actuator which is usually wired up directly to the source of energy. An important role in the performance of DC actuators is played by their technical characteristics – permissible load and speed, smooth performance, as well as the ability to operate under adverse external influences. Industrial actuators designed to automate the production processes greatly facilitate the amount and quality of work for personnel in any industry where they are implemented.

Areas of General Industrial Use of DC Linear Actuators

  1. Machine tool building, machine  building, food industry – these are electric actuators for metal cutting and other types of machines, belt, and overhead conveyor electric actuators, as well as industrial actuators to increase the comfort of the worker controlling this or that mechanism (electric driver’s seat, mirror positioning control, hood control, etc.)
  2. High-tech production – for example, the production of solar panels using electric actuators that provide movement of the solar panels according to the most effective angle directly towards sunlight. The direct current linear actuators are also used when installing parabolic satellite aerials. The aerials actuator (satellite actuator) is an important component of the aerials for proper performance.
  3. Industrial ventilation – for this industrial purpose is often used sliding panels for hoods in order to automate the process of airflow regulation. 

It is very important to choose the right type of actuator for industrial purposes so that it would be capable to meet the needs of the customer and work effectively in terms of a particular production. That is why it is always important to use linear actuator solutions that are suitable for the exact type of work supposed to be done with the help of them. 

 Progressive Automations manufacturer, for example, provides significant assistance and consultations for its customers in order to help them make the right choice of the electric actuator that would meet all the requirements. Moreover, the company helps with the selection of additional supportive equipment – electric actuator control boxes and remote control systems for optimal control of the direct current actuators, as well as various additional accessories.

Other Ares for DC Linear Actuators Implementation

Nowadays more and more industries are being improved and automated in order to facilitate the work for its employees and increase efficiency and productivity. This is especially justified in difficult and labor-intensive spheres of human work where equipment and people sometimes work in under extreme conditions. Agriculture is just one of the dozens of these branches of industry. So, linear motion technology of linear actuators is widely used in agriculture for the mechanization and automation of various agricultural heavy machinery, livestock, the process of harvesting feed and farming.

Main Directions of DC Actuators Implementation in Agriculture

  • Agricultural machinery – these are actuators for harvesters machines, harvester header drives for mowing crops; sowing equipment – tractor seeders, mounted grain seeders, where, with the help of a DC actuator, the position of the sowing hatch for sowing seeds is regulated; various tractors with electric actuators for regulating the depth of feed of the actuators when loosening the soil. These are even electric actuators for adjusting devices for hay packing. Linear actuators are also used in technology to improve the comfort of the worker controlling a particular vehicle, (driver’s seat adjustment, conditioning system regulation, etc.)
  • Spray devices, electric sprayers (fertilizer sprayers), which, with the help of electric actuators, regulate the volume of a sprayed substance by changing the position of the spray nozzle.
  • Animal breeding – adjustment of lifting partitions to monitor conditions of animals in cowsheds, chicken coops, pigsties, for automatic adjustment of air ducts of ventilation systems in livestock buildings, electric shutters automated with DC actuators.

The DC actuators have many areas for implementation but industrial purposes create almost the inexhaustible potential for this technology development. 

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