January 25, 2021

Is A Dermaroller Part of Your Skin Care Routine?

Skin Care Routine

Skin Care Routine

Those of us that don’t have an established skin care routine might never have even heard of a Dermaroller. However, it ought to be an important tool in everyone’s routine. Why? There are several reasons and we will cover them momentarily. In the meantime, let’s assume our audience is new to skincare and start from the beginning.

What’s a Dermaroller?

Here at Timeless Skin Care, we specialize in creating flawless products that complement and enhance your natural beauty. We provide a number of skin care serums that have been devised to make this a possibility across all skin types. Having a product that works across all skin types is fantastic – but it is made even more acute using a Dermaroller.

This product is a small, handheld device, that works to roll over the skin. You can use it in areas where you have fine lines or wrinkles in order to reduce their appearance. Most effectively, however, the Dermaroller can be used to prick the top layer of the skin before you apply a serum. This ensures that the serum gets right down into the deep cutaneous layers. When you use the Dermaroller, your serums go farther and have a more noticeable impact.

Combining the Dermaroller with the Best Vitamin C Serum for Oily Skin

As well as innovatively creating new ways to make our products work harder; we here at Timeless Skin Careare experts in serum selection. We manufacture the best vitamin C serum for oily skin, capable of protecting your complexion while simultaneously boosting your natural healthy glow.

Some people have particularly healthy amounts of oils in their skin. Sometimes this is the result of bad diet, sometimes it is down to the misfortune of genetics. Whatever the reason, many of those who suffer believe they cannot use serums or creams to alleviate it. This is simply untrue. Our special blend is easily the best vitamin c serum for oily skin.

This serum is a perfect balancer. It adds moisture where needed andseals the skin to stop the buildup and blockage of pores. The presence of Hyaluronic Acid aids the breakdown of grease in the skin. In addition, this formula is anti-bacterial to add to the betterment of your complexion. If you have persistently oily skin, try combining the Dermaroller with the serum. The results can be profound.

Combining the Dermaroller with Matrixyl

If you are happy with the texture of your skin but are worried about getting older, Matrixyl is our recommended product. Our skin experts worked out that the tiny needles on our 192 Micro Needle Dermaroller allows the anti-aging components in the Matrixyl formula to saturate deep down into the skin. When used together, you will receive the collagen boosting benefits of the Matrxyl 3000 serum delivered right to the place where it is needed most.

The Dermaroller works independently of serums to smooth out fine lines around the eyes and mouth. When used in conjunction with the serum it often becomes an integral part of any new client’s skincare routine.

Consider the Dermaroller

Consider the Dermaroller as a more efficient way to revamp your skincare routine. Suitable for any adult age range; this is one device all women should have.

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