January 26, 2021

Is a physiotherapist a doctor?

physiotherapist a doctor

physiotherapist a doctor

There is a constant debate on whether or not a physiotherapist is a doctor or they aren’t. For the most part, no, a physiotherapist isn’t a doctor legally because they don’t have the license to prescribe medications to the patients. But, some people do believe and classify the physiotherapists as doctors. That is not how it should be. And, to be honest, there is nothing wrong. For the physiotherapists to be asserted as doctors, they need to have a Ph.D. degree or some sort of a doctoral degree.

Just studying physiotherapy directly does not make one a doctor. This is something you need to know without further confusion. The services provided by a physiotherapist do indeed live up to the requirements of the patient, but it doesn’t allow them to prefix their name with Dr. legally.

That being done, it is better than you know a bit more about the field of physiotherapy and the kind of things that they deal with.

What is the job role of a physiotherapist?

Given that people tend to have a lot of confusion surrounding the job role and designation of a physiotherapist, one should know what it entails and how to go about with it.

The primary job role of a physiotherapist is to do a physical test and examination of the patient to find the kind of problem they are facing. They opt for equipment or physical exercises to help the patient get relief from the pain and the constant discomfort that they have been experiencing.

In addition to that, they are also responsible for telling the patient and their family about the situation and the kind of precaution and treatment that they are opting for a better cure through the pain. They are responsible for treating patients of any age, and any kind of disorder that need their supervision.

What are the types of physiotherapy?

If you have been looking for home care services Bangalore to get admitted for the treatment, it is better than your first knowledge of the types of physiotherapies available currently.

There are predominantly three different types that we are going to be talking about.


This is the type of physiotherapy that includes the exercise of the skeletal means and the muscles too. They are mainly a part of orthopedic physiotherapy and are used for the treatments of fractures, pain and any injury-related.


Just as the name suggested, this is the form of physiotherapy that focuses on the problems associated with the disorders of the nervous system. The same can include strokes, spinal injuries, chronic diseases like Parkinson’s disease and such.


The last but not the least is cardiothoracic physiotherapy, which deals with the issues encircling asthma, bronchitis and the diseases similar to that.

If you have been experiencing constant issues with the thought of whether or not a physiotherapist can use Dr. in front of their name, they cannot. It isn’t legally correct so if you find someone doing that, it is best to let them know.

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