September 30, 2020

Looking For Reasons To Switch Over To Managed WooCommerce Hosting? These 3 Are Enough!

Are you an online store owner fed up with repetitive downtime, slow loading times and eventually disappointed customers? WooCommerce optimization with managed WooCommerce hosting is the solution to all your problems. Here are the 3 reasons how. 

Blazing Speeds

Online sales are nothing if it’s not fast. Customers decide on buying online in the first place just to save time. If a customer knows what they are searching for, they should be able to find it instantly. If they are not sure about their purchase and are browsing through a broad spectrum of products, the website should be able to let them cycle through tens of pages quickly displaying products, reviews, and special offers.

Long page load times become a thing of the past with managed WooCommerce. Most managed WooCommerce hosting companies use cloud hosting that let them allocate more resources to your website in real time based on the incoming traffic. Unlike conventional methods, you don’t have to move your website to a different server during spikes. Thus, automatic resource allocation in managed WooCommerce ensures blazing fast speeds and reliable consistency.

Convenient Scalability 

Marketing and advertising are a great way to increase visibility and reach. You may spend months into planning an advertising campaign and set up sales and offers to draw in more visitors. As weeks and months go by, you see a growth in your website traffic. While you may want huge traffic for better business, it may spell disaster if your e-commerce website isn’t capable of handling it.

A growing business means an increase in the size and complexity of your website as well. Managed WooCommerce hosting uses a scalable web server environment in preparation for any size of growth spurts. Regular e-commerce platforms scale your website by taking it down for a small span of time and shifting it to more dedicated servers. But they cost you a huge monthly amount as they migrate you to a different plan. Meanwhile, there is absolutely no need to take down your website in managed WooCommerce hosting as your website scales to just the right size.

Actionable Data

All businesses rely on data collection and discernment to deploy future strategies. Every e-commerce web administrator gets access to data, in fact too much data which they don’t know what to do with. The enormous amounts of data may be jarring to a regular online store owner who may end up choosing not to make any use of it altogether.

Managed WooCommerce incorporates tools or plug-ins that may filter some of the data and display only the information that you can actually work upon. Such extensive data can be used to find new sales opportunities, segment audiences, and track your store’s performance. Knowing key figures like revenue gains and sales trends can help you in quickly forming strategies to increase sales. Use your monthly, weekly, and daily reports to keep a close eye on the success of your new strategies and let actionable data show you the way.

Choose managed WooCommerce hosting for the ultimate WooCommerce optimization and rest assured that no customer will ever drift away from your website just because of a factor you cannot control.

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