January 25, 2021

McAfee platinum support: Experience the Support of the Next level

McAfee platinum support

McAfee platinum support

McAfee is amongst those service providers in computer security system that have been successfully delivering top quality tailor-made and advanced comprehensive computer security solutions for its customers. Its top notch computer security applications and software have been helping many securing their computers from the threats of viruses, malwares, spywares, hacking and identity threats. McAfee’s security solutions today are intensely used worldwide by users because of its proven and advanced security with highest degree of reliability, user friendliness and customization.

It is said that only the best can do the best of jobs and the best to protect your computer is to get the latest in anti-virus software for your computer. In today’s market of intense competition and technological development, every service provider is trying its level best to push the computer security systems to the next level. The biggies in the field have been striving hard to deliver their customers with premium product offerings and world class customer support.

How many times have you come across problems with viruses attacking your computer? There are many types of viruses that attacks our computer like the malwares, spywares, Trojans and alike. These viruses are unwanted programs that run in our computer without our permission and mayoften lead to decreases functionality of the same. In order for the same to happen time and again, anti-virus software is necessary to be installed in the computer.

Although all antivirus software work on the same principles.These programs identifies these viruses and blocks and deletes them from the system. In the regime to provide ease of operations and keep updated with the latest developments companies like McAfee provides all kinds of customer support of the next level for users. And so is the McAfee platinum support.

What is McAfee Platinum Support?

The critical conditions of today and the complex environment is quite challenging for companies to keep protected the millions of their software users of the new threats and its many associated threats. At McAfee customer support is given the topmost priority. The customer support team at McAfee helps in creating an atmosphere that solves problems quickly and efficiently and thereby, keeping the business and computers safe and protected.

The McAfee Platinum Support is the kind of support that has the highest level of technical, as well as non-technical support for business mainly of the highest level. Some of the features of McAfee Platinum Support are:

  • Daily product updates (.DATs, engines, etc.)
  • Product upgrades
  • 24/7 Support (<5 minutes) Web and Phone with Remote Desktop Control
  • McAfee Labs Malware analysis service and alerts with remediation analysis
  • Online Experience – Knowledge Base, Downloads, Case Mgt, Diagnostic & Remediation Tools
  • Best practice videos and guides
  • Proactive Notification Service via Support Notification Service (SNS)
  • Direct Access to Technical Experts
  • Service Request Prioritization

McAfee security software brings us all-in-one security solution of a complete form – anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-malware. It is a complete solution that builds a complete protection solution around your computer. And on top of it, McAfee’s customer support takes you to the next level of experience.

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