January 26, 2021

Myths About Dedicated Server Solutions You Should Know About

Dedicated Server Solutions

Dedicated Server Solutions

A growing business will always be facing challenges. As the owner, you’ll have to strike a balance between investing in growth and not pouring too much capital into overheads that could leave the business in a precarious situation. Your IT team might be faced with the same dilemma. If that is the case, it is imperative that you’re investing in a dedicated server. The dedicated server will be used exclusively by your business. You get to customize it however you want it. There are some myths regarding dedicated server solutions that are not true and we’re going to dispel some of them.

They’re Expensive

Dedicated servers used to be expensive a couple of years ago but technology has made it an affordable option for a business that is looking to grow. The advancement in technology has also resulted in increased competition. Companies have been forced to revise their rates downwards in order to stay in business. There are affordable monthly subscriptions that are within reach for so many businesses that are looking for a viable solution.

They’re Unreliable

You’ve probably heard of this myth before and are wondering how it is even possible when a dedicated server is supposed to provide better performance. When you’re in a shared environment, there is a possibility that your business might suffer because of bandwidth issues. With a dedicated server, you don’t have to worry about “noisy” neighbors because you have everything to yourself. You will also never have to worry about resource limits which is common with shared hosting.

You’ll Lose Control

When you’re operating in virtualized environments, it will be the hypervisor that determines your limits. The control can be extended on a need-be basis but you will not have the final say on resource distribution. With a dedicated server, you get admin-level access on the bare machine. You get to customize it from scratch and it can be configured to your preferred settings. There are no limits to the software that you can install.

You Need to Be a Network Expert

There is no harm in having basic server knowledge but you don’t necessarily have to be a networking expert in order to run a dedicated server. In most instances, it will be the work of the hosting company to upgrade the software. Most dedicated hosting providers have a control-reach panel with an easy to use interface. Once you’ve gotten used to the functionalities, you won’t find it hard to configure or manage the server.

Uptime is Nothing But a Number

It will be of no use having thousands of visitors going to your website only for them to get an error. With a 98% uptime, your website will be offline for 7 days in a year. This could have serious consequences, especially if you depend on your website for revenue generation. With a 99.9% threshold, your website will only be down for 8 hours in a year. This could be a couple of seconds in a day and it will be hard to notice.

The Support is Non-Existent

Dedicated hosting is usually more expensive compared to shared hosting. If you make mistakes with free web hosting, you can be assured there will be no help coming your way. Reputable hosting providers will offer priority support for those customers that are on dedicated hosting. This is because the applications on dedicated hosting are critical and sensitive and they’ll need to be up at all times. Customers are able to easily get in touch with support via phone, email, and chat. There are companies that will make it possible to submit a ticket directly from the control panel.

Server Specs Don’t Matter

Dedicated servers are all about performance. You’re able to find the perfect balance for the RAM, processor, and storage. Make sure to do your homework so that you know exactly what you’re looking for in a dedicated server.

Any Host Will Work

Quality of service will vary from one host to another. That is why is important to do research on the different providers after you’ve identified your needs. You should not only be looking at the hardware and the price of the dedicated server. You need a custom solution like that provided by ServerMania so that all of your hosting needs are being met. It should be noted that a dedicated server is not the same as a private virtual server. VPS resources are shared with other websites.  There are no guarantees when it comes to computing power and memory.

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