January 25, 2021

Papa John’s New Pizza Tracking Service

Papa John's New Pizza

Papa John's New Pizza

When you order food, do you ever find yourself wondering exactly when it is going to arrive? Do you want to know how close it is to being prepared? If so, you aren’t alone. That is exactly why Papa John’s introduced its pizza tracking service. With Papa Track, you aren’t in the dark about when your pizza is going to get to your door.

What Is Papa Track?

According to Papa John’s, the company has been investing in improving its technology. This includes the new Papa Track feature that does pretty much what you’d expect: it lets customers see the status of their orders from Papa John’s. It’s simple but very helpful and surprisingly feature-rich.

This tracking feature offers some impressive accuracy such as the location of the delivery driver bringing your pizza. Some other pizza tracking features by other brands only allow customers to see the status of an order, not its current location. Papa John’s goes a step further with the live map.

If you search for Philly cheesesteak pizza delivery near me, for example, and place your order with Papa John’s, you’ll get a link for seeing your order. This appears at the point of confirming your order and in an email. Simply clicking the link will bring you to Papa Track where you’ll be able to see whether the status of the order, including accepted, making, baking, boxing and on its way. You can also see if it is ready for pickup if you choose that option.

When you first place your order, you’ll get an estimated arrival time, like at most pizza places. This gradually gets updated as the order progresses. If you are feeding a group and need to get everyone at the time at the right time, this can be a very helpful functionality.

Getting Alerts

If you prefer not to watch the tracking page but still want to stay up to date with your order, you can request SMS or email alerts. These are a one-time option, so you won’t keep getting notifications after your order has arrived. It is a simple and helpful alternative to having to keep an eye on the order yourself.

Earning Rewards

Papa John’s has a rewards program you can use on all your orders including pizza delivery specials. Additionally, there are special promotions you can earn on the Papa Track page. For example, there may be a pizza meme you can share on social media. In exchange for this, you will get a promo code for a discount on your next order. That is a pretty good deal for simply sharing your love of pizza.

Check It Out Yourself

Try ordering from Papa John’s and checking out the tracker yourself. It is a great version of a feature loved by many pizza eaters. Of course, it also can be a great way to tease yourself if you are impatient about waiting for your pizza to arrive.

Nonetheless, knowing the status of your order can be very helpful. With Papa Track, that is easier than ever. Give it a spin for yourself the next time you feel like ordering a pizza.

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