January 25, 2021

Project Free TV (SAFE?) Online Free Movies, TV, Videos

project free tv

project free tv

Project Free TV – Free Movies and TV Shows (FREE) – Domain Changes!

Project Free TV – one of the most watched websites for online Tv-movies-show-streaming on the internet. The site suddenly came down dated 24th July (reasons are not known yet)!

But, the good news is: The website remains live with a new name and domain. News and rumors were spread that this might be the end of the long-running show.

All of a sudden, the website URL was routed to a newly designed and out the texture webpage called ‘Goodbye.’ This came as a total surprise and shock for the users. In case, if you like to manage your links; in order to grasp a proper understanding of Link Management, you can always check here.

‘Project Free TV,’ however, in case, you are Googling the phrase, the first result that appears is ‘projectfreetv.so.’ This link carries the original version of the website with links that work fine.

What is Project Free TV?

Project Free TV is an online streaming website that hosts thousands of other sites links which are hosting copies of popular TV shows and movies. This website allows the users to watch their favorite popular TV shows and all the popular movies for free.

Also, it provides accurate information for TV scheduling. For watching an episode of your favorite TV show, follow the mentioned process.

Suppose, you are a fan of Game of Thrones, all you need to do is log on to the website and search for your favorite programme. It will redirect you to another site where the actual video file is hosted. Alos, will stream the video in a web-based video player for free.

To believe,

Project Free TV is considered the oldest platform of its kind. But, in the recent times, it has been outnumbered by such online platforms that offer similar services.

To get Internet Service Providers (ISP), Copyright holders are seen frequently petitioning courts to block this kind of services. Since November 2013, the website has been blocked in the UK.

Why is the Domain Name Changed?

This is still a mess! As the new domain for Project Free TV was recently booked for July 1st. But, nobody is aware why this has happened? There is no news which has been poked out by the authorities revealing why the old domain for Project Free TV is not working or streaming like before.

Preferably, a new fuss: Reddit users are discussing ways and alternatives that can still enable them to use and stream through the online content for free.

Project Free TV doesn’t maintain a list for the downtimes or updates on their blog online Popcorn Time and Pirate Bay!


Project Free TV maintains a list elaborating about the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), unlike many other major websites. Also, showcases how they can deal with any such issues.

To Conclude – Project Free TV

Project Free TV is very strict about their DMCA policies and uploads. They take copyright issues very seriously and have provided clear guidelines regarding the same.

Team HTRI is awaiting a response from Project Free TV. We will update our viewership about the same very soon!!

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