January 26, 2021

Promotional Merchandise Used By Tech Startups

Promotional Merchandise

Promotional Merchandise

Tech startups need promotional products to grow their businesses quickly. However, you can get creative when you want to market your company. There are a few tips below that will help you market your business, offer fun promotional items to your customers, and provide a bit of functionality to your customers.

Promotional Clothing

Promotional t shirts are a great way to share your brand with the public. Give these shirts to everyone you meet, hand out the shirts at company events, and send the shirts to all your clients once they have signed your contract.

Give these products to everyone in your office, and ask your staff to wear their promotional gear around town. Promotional clothing is a great form of passive marketing, and you could even give more promotional items to your staff to give away to friends/family.

Promotional Pens

Promotional pens are a good marketing tip for any company, but you should create a multi-function pen for your staff and customers to use. You could give away pens with laser pointers, pens that double as a stylus, or a special pen that has multiple stylus tips.

Print your logo, website, and information on the outside of the pen, and give them away to everyone you meet. You want your pens to float around the community as much as possible. Also, you might leave these pens in offices around town, coffee shops, and restaurants.

Branded Flash Drives

Branded flash drives are perfect for tech startups. You need flash drives to carry information from one place to another. Your customers need flash drives to manage their business, and they will loan these flash drives to people they know. Also, flash drives have gotten so cheap that you can give away a flash drive with a lot of memory.

Plus, you can put these flash drives on a lanyard that everyone can wear. You are making the flash drive a part of everyone’s daily routine, and people who store information on these drives will see your company’s logo every day.

Branded Pop Sockets

Brand pop sockets are a great way to give away something fun in the community. You could hand out these products outside your office, or you could send these pop sockets to all your customers. You can even give branded pop sockets to your kids, their friends, and every kid you meet at events.

Your clients will ask for more pop sockets because their kids want one, and you could put branded pop sockets on every mobile device in the office.


Promotional products are a great way to improve your brand, market your company in the community, and create a marketing plan for the business. You should invest in all these brand products because they are easy to use and give away. You could place some of these items in packages that you send to your clients. You could leave your promotional pens in businesses around the area, or you could give these products to your staff, their families, and their friends.

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