January 27, 2021

Rotita Reviews 2018-2019: Is Legit And Safe or Scam? | is rotita a legit website

Rotita Reviews

Rotita Reviews

Is Rotita legit and safe? This Rotita reviews tells you all you need to know about Rotita such as if Rotita is safe, real or scam and fake. Rotita complaints and feedback of members are also reviewed. So, if you are searching for the best and unbiased Rotita reviews, you have come to the right place.

What is Rotita?

Rotita is an online fashion store that provides women shoes, women clothes, men’s clothings, jewelleries, hot lingerie, leggings, handbags, pumps, bustiers corsets at best price providing woldwide. Rotita is a Chinese fashion shop specializing in stylish clothes at a low prices. Originally known as WholesaleItOnline, Rotita has only been Rotita since November 1st, 2014.

Rotita is your global online destination that delivers some of today’s most exciting and edgy fashion apparel.

For thousands of fashion-forward girls, they are the one-stop fashion mecca for devotees of  trendy apparel and swank accessories



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  2. Linkshe.com
  3. Cupshe.com

With free shipping on every item you see, enjoy cutting edge retail fashion that’s ahead of the curve and at wholesale prices.

Rotita has an extensive and growing selection of high quality products. New products are sourced and added every day on Rotita.com.

Rotita are able to offer some shipping options through their long term partnerships with UPS, Fedex, DHL and other major carriers.

Professional warehouse personnel will take good care of your orders by making sure they are packed in accordance with our rigorous

standards. Your products will be carefully checked and securely packed before shipping out.

Is Rotita legit and safe?

Rotita is not that legit and safe. While writing this Rotita review, we did some research and investigation to know what Rotita is actually doing to their customers and we were disappointed that most of the feedback was bad. As a result of this, we will advise you to stay away from Rotita. Or order from them at your own risk. Don’t get use wrong, some people claimed to have received their items perfectly well but the number of bad reviews is far higher than the good ones.

Rotita complaints and feedback:

Below are some of the Rotita complaints and feedback we found online:

Steve says:

Ordered quite a few items from this company, and never recieved ONE! Called and called….When no responses, I looked up the reviews, and…yep, it’s a scam. Some people did get items, I presume so that they won’t be listed as fraudulent, just a “troubled” company? Anyway, I hope this warns some others out of ordering from these guys!

John says:

I will give them zero stars if possible, this is a Chinese website with the lowest quality on their fabric, I ordered a dress cost me 37 dollars, it was like a joke, didn’t look at all like the picture on their website, the fabric was a joke, and they basically refused to refund the money, they keep sending offers to keep the item, DO NOT WASTE MONEY, go to Ross or any other discount store in the USA, no need to be wasting money with those fraudulent websites from China.

Kelly says:

This was by far the worst online shopping experience I have had. I asked where my item was because I had paid $20 extra for 3 to 5 day shipping and 5 days later my item was still not even processed so I asked for a refund the next day I got a response that told me to be patient so I replied absolutely not I just want a refund so now day 3 which is 8 days after my purchase I’m told it’s too late because the item has been shipped so never again will I shop here and whoever replies to the tickets that are submitted or at least mine their boss should have a chat with them on how to conduct business properly when someone ask for a refund you don’t say no be patient that’s their decision not yours

Mary says:

They don’t honor their return policy. They don’t want you to return the clothing you don’t want. They offer you a percentage of what you paid for the clothing and tell you to keep the clothing. The clothing is cheap, the material is cheap, the sewing is poor, and none of it looks as good as it does online. They really are a scam. Don’t buy from this company. They will drive you crazy if you want to return anything. They really are a scam.

Jenna says:

Any good reviews you see are fake. I absolutely guarantee it. They will be short sentences saying how awesome the company is and will be put on the site in small groups to help boost their score.

This company is a scam. You purchase and nothing ever arrives. Then they try to refuse to give you your money back as if taking money for a product and then not giving it to the customer is an acceptable business practice. I would give them zero stars if I could. Run for the hills if you are considering purchasing.

Kathy say:

Very nice quality swimsuit sent a little more slowly than I would have liked-but the company let me know that shipping would be slow so I knew it would be slow. Good price and good quality, so I ordered another one!

Jane says:

I really enjoy ordering from Rotita, the clothes are good quality with affordable prices. Sometimes the items I order don’t fit but they quickly refund the amount to my account. I will continue to order more.

Kate says:

I order dresses on May 15th 2018 and it now June 10th 2018 and no dress. I was promised a refund of 50% if the dress were not receive by 6/7/2018 and a full refund if not received by 6/20/2018. We’ll see about that!! As of right now the merchant or the shipping people do not know the location of my package. if I knew the dresses were coming from another country I would NOT have order them to avoid this problem.

I also had an issue ordering on the website it stated that there was a problem with my payment. I didn’t know because usually the merchant will call the client. However I just happened to see that I has a message on their website to address.

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