January 27, 2021

The Best Gifts For Men

Best Gifts For Men

Best Gifts For Men

Gift options for men vary significantly from the gift options for women. Gifting men something is a serious and challenging task. While there is no shortage of gifting options for women, men have limited options. Wallets, watches, and clothes are those which are gifted regularly to men, irrespective of what is the occasion – from birthdays to weddings and farewells, these items feature everywhere as gifts. Though some men appreciate cologne and perfumes as gifts, others consider them offensive – as if these gifts seem to indicate that he stinks because he doesn’t clean himself every day. Men grooming kits, which include everything – from shaving kits or hair gels, are also considered good gifts. They can be very beneficial to those men who like to style their hair or beard in a new way every week.

Flowers are generally considered a strict “no-no” by men, unlike women. For them, gifting something that withers away in a few days and needs to be discarded pretty soon is a turn off; men are not wrong, because it is more practical. While juggling gift options for single, working men (though not many), one can innocently squeeze in toys. This idea can be fun honestly, and one can display his/her creative side while gifting this.

For those men who are conscious of their fitness and enjoy sweating out in the gym every day, fitness gear is the most ideal gifting choice. From duffel bags to smart bands and waist pouches, these gears are equipped with all the fitness essentials. Protein and vitamin supplements even accompany some of these or come as add-ons. These gears can also be gifted to newly-wed men as a wedding gift; the couple can be gifted toys for a little humor or joke.

Like many women, books are also considered loyal friends of many men. While gifting books one has to be aware of what the guy enjoys reading – classic novels like Wuthering Heights, Gone with the wind are some excellent choices. Though men generally don’t seem to enjoy the romantic genre, young boys do like to carry one for a long flight or a light read. Though books like Wings of Fire, The Secret, and Ignited minds are considered heavy; they seem to have a very high and long-term impact on one’s personality and thinking.

For bachelor parties, wine always ranks #1 as a gift. Good quality wine is very easily available in any liquor store or cellar. While gifting wine, one should also keep in mind the manufacture date, because in case of wine gets better with age. For a lighthearted moment at the party, few friends can also come up with an artistic display of toys. The whole idea can help to momentarily take off the mind of the already nervous and pressurized groom-to-be from the wedding and its future consequences. Gifting travel coupons that can be utilized for a prospective honeymoon is also a bright idea.

Breaking social stereotypes, many single men enjoy cooking, though they are not professional chefs. According to them, cooking and spending time in the kitchen acts as a “stress-buster” for them. Julia Child’s famous book “Mastering the art of French cooking” can be a good gift option a man who loves cooking, both for himself as well as his family. Other than that, they can also be gifted with appliances which are easy to use and speeds up cooking manifold. Though gifting ideas are limited for men, times are changing and so are choices and hence change in gift options are observed too.

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