January 26, 2021

The Best Moments with the Personalized Gifts

Personalized Gifts

Personalized Gifts

This country is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Floating on gas and oil, the country’s economy has made a significant step forward in recent decades. Many companies and entrepreneurs therefore spread their wings to take part in the growing sales market. The business culture, however, differs on a number of points. It is therefore wise to inform you in advance so that you can optimally use your opportunities.

Meet and discuss business

A meeting is usually accompanied by an extensive dinner or lunch. Especially with a first appointment, it is important to first make personal acquaintance before going on business. Before a meeting, you present yourself by giving a firm hand and looking straight at the person.

Promotional gifts

The exchange of business gifts is a valued use in Russia. Strong drinks or chocolates are always a smart choice. Typical Dutch gifts will also be well received. Important to know is that when giving flowers it is considered inappropriate if the bouquet consists of an even number of flowers.

The festive months are pre-eminently used for providing a nice gift or for the festive reception of your customers with a New Year’s drink. Promotional gifts and representation costs are indeed made from a business perspective, but are nevertheless only deductible. There are the Great Door Gifts for the same.

What are representation costs?

Representation costs include business parties and other nice things to celebrate with your business relations. They are only 80% deductible for the IB entrepreneur. They are ‘ mixed costs. If you have a lot of such costs, you can choose not to deduct a fixed amount of $ 4,500 from the profit. However, this is only attractive if you have more than $ 22,500 in mixed costs.

Tax is for the recipient

Business gifts are also covered by the term ‘representation costs’ and are therefore only deductible. The recipient must in principle pay the tax. In some cases you can prevent this by taking the tax on your own account via the final levy.

For some benefits you can use a specific scheme that prevents the recipient from being charged. The regulation applies if you provide the provision to a third party, while giving the same benefit to your employees and for the same occasion.

Tax for donor via final levy

As follows from the above, the scheme can be applied in particular for more expensive benefits, such as business gifts that you gave at Christmas or when you give your staff a jubilee, but also to your better relations. The scheme means that you pay the tax through a final levy. This amounts to 45% for gifts up to $ 136. For more expensive benefits, the final levy is 75%. The right details are there for the Personalized Pen now.

You can only apply the scheme if you inform the recipient of the dispensation that you are paying the final levy. It is sufficient if you include this in your general terms and conditions. You must, however, record who the recipient is. This option will be a bit more expensive for you, so you will only apply it if you want to prevent your business relations from being taxed for your well-intended provision.

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