January 27, 2021

Time your Facebook updates correctly for maximum impact

If you are looking to maximize the impact of your brand on Facebook, you should focus less on content and focus more on timing.

Now, a lot of people would find this ridiculous. A lot of people might even think that this is just complete nonsense. After all, if you figure out how to buy Facebook likes and other social signals, you would have positioned your account for maximum organic growth. People would get the impression, thanks to your existing volume of content likes and engagement, that your content is worth checking out and engaging with.

Well, the truth is you may have the very best content on the planet, as far as your niche goes, but if you time it the wrong way, you’re not going to make any headway. Yes, this even applies to situations where you are able to use social signals to boost search engine traffic through SEO.

That is a simple fact that you’ll need to get inside your head. Otherwise, you’re going to continue to fail. There, I said it. It has to be said since so many marketers are completely clueless about this.

You may have invested a tremendous amount of time, effort, and money in top-notch content. Your content may very well be winning awards and may very well be appreciated and respected by a lot of people in your niche. But with all that said, none of that is going to help you unless you are able to converse with your target audience members at the right time to produce the right effects.

You have to understand that you have to be deliberate and purposeful about your content distribution and publication on Facebook. You’re not doing this for your health. You’re not doing this because you have nothing else better to do. You’re doing this to make money or help your partners or clients grow their business.

If we’re all clear on that and we’re all on the same page, then it logically follows that we have to walk the audience through a series of steps where we build credibility and create a sense of authority in their eyes. Then and only then would their perception of value reach a high enough point where they are willing to trust.

You see, people are not going to buy from you unless they trust you. But for that to happen, a lot of moving pieces have to be in place. In other words, they have to first know what you’re about and take confidence from the fact that you know what you’re talking about.

Once that is established, then they have to establish some sort of liking. And if they like your solution enough, then that’s when they trust you.

Now, you may be thinking that this will take a long time but that’s just an illusion. You can establish all of these with the power of one on one interaction on Facebook. But how?

This is where scheduling comes in. If all the signals are lined up properly, then people would be able to allow themselves to be walked from knowing, to liking, to trusting. And from there, they can start buying.

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