January 26, 2021

Top 12 Moving and Packing Helpful Tips

Moving and Packing Helpful Tips

Moving and Packing Helpful Tips

Are you moving and wondering how to best pack your belongings? There’s a certain technique to packing items so you don’t end up breaking things or wondering where everything is once you’re inside your new place. Here are twelve tips to follow when packing and moving.

Figure Out the Best Packing Supplies

The interesting thing about packing supplies is that you don’t need as much stuff as you might think. Of course, you need the normal things such as:

  • Bubble wrap
  • Tape
  • Boxes

There are other things you may or may not need. It all depends on the kind of rooms or items you’re packing up. For example, you might get yourself some bins if you’re packing up items you had in storage.

On the other hand, boxes are better than bins when packing glass. A box has a bit more give to it. Make sure you pack breakables with protective bubble wrap.

Get Plenty of Bubble Wrap

Speaking of bubble wrap, remember to get plenty of it. It can be used for:

  • Glass items
  • Candles
  • Candle holders
  • Other decorative items

Using bubble wrap allows you to keep everything safe while also packing items tightly inside boxes. Make sure nothing shakes when you pick up a box. If contents are shifting around, then you run the risk of items breaking.

Pack One Room at a Time

Reduce anxiety by focusing on one room at a time. Start with an easy room. A storage closet or guest room are quality choices because you can get them done quickly. You’ll feel a sense of immediate accomplishment as you move into more difficult rooms.

Make Unpacking Easier

Pack each box so that similar items are grouped together. For example, place everything on your home office bookshelf in one box. Pack all your kitchen bowls together in the same box. This makes it easier when unpacking because items are grouped according to where they’ll go in your new place.

Use All Box Space

Don’t leave empty spaces inside boxes. As we mentioned earlier, it helps keep things from breaking. It also lessens how many boxes you’ll need to move if you look for ways to creatively fill each box completely.

Label All Boxes

Create a system for unpacking effortlessly by labeling each box according to which room they relate to. This allows you to place all boxes in the correct rooms as you’re transferring things from the moving truck into your new home. Get as detailed as you can by going so far as to label sections of rooms, such as “TV and all accessories”. Call Signal solutions sunshine coast if need help getting your TV reception to work better in your new home.

Donate or Throw Away Items as You Pack

Don’t pack items you no longer want. This only serves to waste time at your new home. Donate it or throw it in the trash immediately.

Decide on Friends or Movers

It’s probably best to hire movers. Even your best friend doesn’t want to help you move if they’re being honest. It’s common for people to say they’ll help and then suddenly find reasons not to show up. Hiring movers ensures you won’t be left in a lurch.

Tell Friends Two Weeks in Advance

If you are going to use friends for help, then make sure you ask for it at least two weeks prior to moving day. This allows them to clear their schedule and makes it more likely they’ll show up. It’s also respectful to them.

Reserve the Moving Truck Early

If you’re going to use your own truck, call a service such as U-Haul one week or more in advance. This ensures you don’t have any nightmares where you’re struggling to find a truck at the last moment.

It’s OK to Use Your Car

Use your car to take small things to the new place a few days prior to moving day. It will make the official move a bit easier.

Clean Items From Storage

Stuff that’s been in storage will be dusty and dirty. Clean it well before setting it up in the new home.

Use these tips to make your next move a smooth one.


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