January 25, 2021

Top Incredible Places To Visit In Southern India For Monsoon Vacation

Places To Visit In Southern India

Places To Visit In Southern India

Southern India is best for its culture, culinary, heritage, nature and much more. The beauty of this region is credited to its biodiversity. According to travel experts, the worst time to visit a tropical destination is at the height of monsoon season. However, it is not the same when it comes to all the destinations in southern India.

Here is a small guide to the top places in southern India to enjoy monsoon in the best way possible.

  1. Thanjavur

Thanjavur is the land of rice. The coconut farms, paddy fields and streams will be at the prime beauty during monsoon season. The Chola Kings of yesteryear built numerous forts, architectural beauties and much more. All the structures will be fresh and bright during the rainy season. The monsoon at Thanjavur would not be very furious. Thus, an umbrella would be enough to keep you out of being wet.

  1. Courtallam

The waterfalls of Courtallam are the important tourist destinations in the country. The crashing waters from this waterfall are a rejuvenation place for people trying to get out of the stressed routine life. You can find ayurvedic massages, which is quiet popular during and after the monsoon season. The mountains through which the water runs would be rich with medicinal plants, which thrive during monsoon and winter season only. Thus, the waterfalls will be rich with medicinal water during this season. These herbs make the right ingredient for the massage oils and other therapies. This Spa of South India is best visited which the sky is cracking with showers.

  1. Coonoor

This is a small hill station, which is usually overlooked because of its vicinity to the rich and more famous Ooty, the Queen of Hill Stations. Monsoon season in hill station might not look like a good idea. However, due to the reduced altitude of Coonoor, the monsoon is not terrifying here. The mild showers, freshened routes, trekking routes, scenic environment and much more. The number of tourists visiting

  1. Munnar

Munnar is the place where three rivers meet. This beautiful hill stations is at prime beauty throughout the year. The tea estates will be fresh and green during the monsoon season. With a lot of trekking routes, sightseeing spots, water activities and much more. Do not forget to enjoy a cup of fresh tea and you enjoy rain drizzling.

  1. Jog Falls

This is the second highest waterfalls, located in Shimoga district of Karnataka. Plummeting from 830 ft above the ground, this falls is enjoyed at the best during the end of monsoon season. Climbing the waterfalls to enjoy the view of the hill, water activities and photography are the top activities to enjoy in this region. The waterfalls are divided into numerous regions and the best places to visit during monsoon season are Rani and Raja regions of the waterfalls.

  1. Chikmangalur

This is an important hill station in Karnataka. If you visit during monsoon season, you can enjoy beautiful views of pepper and coffee estates drizzled with rain. In the evening, enjoy the place with a bonfire to watch fireflies do their magic around you. During monsoon season, the peacocks in this region will be busy dancing during rains to catch one or two birds during their dancing ritual.

Apart from these, there are numerous other monsoon paradises in the country. Are you planning for a monsoon vacation, India is the best place to visit. With very little tourists around you, you can have the whole place to yourself.

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