January 27, 2021

Toronto General Labour Agency: Boosting Appeal of Unskilled Labour Positions

General Labour Agency

General Labour Agency

According to Toronto general labour agency, there are few things you can do to make the unskilled positions more appealing. This goes beyond the normal job benefits packages you offer to your employees. Most employers think about high pay rates only. However, this only increases loyalty only.

However, when you put your time and resources into making the life of your workers better and showing them that they are human beings you prove to them that employers can treat their subjects well. You gain the most loyalty and interaction from your employees when you treat them as partners, rather than casuals. Find info here to learn more.

  1. Perks 
  1. Adjust working hours- give your workers flexible schedules that don’t interfere with their sleep. For instance, night shifts are not appealing to most people. It interrupts people’s social lives and families. You can give, for instance, 3-day work week for those who need time for family and social lives.
  2. Arrange transportation-if the area doesn’t have reliable transportation offer it to your workers. You can also do that to give jobs to people from areas with high rates of unemployment. According to Toronto general labour agency it is among the most effective ways.
  3. Onsite childcare- this is a common problem for most people who may want to take unskilled jobs. It is costly and time-consuming if they decide to do it on your own. You can start onsite child care to break this barrier.
  4. Exchange vacation time- some people need more time for vacations, while there are those who don’t need that. You can allow your workers to trade off their hours, so every party gets what they want.
  1. Accommodations 
  1. Disability accommodations- there are nowadays positions created for disabled people in companies. Most organisations are unwilling to put structures for these people to enable them to perform their duties.
  2. Open application process- your ideal candidates could be unemployed, schooling or inaccessible during normal business hours. So, make the application and interviewing process more flexible. You can opt to use a temp agency Toronto for this purpose. Make the online application simple and opt for video interviews and other choices that will save you time.
  3. Insourcing- don’t leave your workers during the downturn. Due to economic depression or other fiscal adjustments, your company might be compelled to lay off some workers. Many workers are left desperate during this time, and they have to look for jobs to cater for their expenses and most times they end up so distressed. This is one instance of the company’s disloyalty that your employees may never forget. So if you anticipate bad economic times, reach out to Toronto general labour agency and work with it to get something for your workers to do until your company stabilises and you can absorb them back.

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