January 25, 2021

Understanding Hepatitis C In Women And How Viekira XR Reducing Its Risk

Hepatitis C In Women

Hepatitis C In Women

Our liver plays an essential role in our body, not only for women but also for men. The liver filters the amount of alcohol, drugs, and unwanted toxins in your body. It regulates needed proteins, hormones, body cholesterol, essential vitamins needed, and reduce the toxic substances in your body. Our liver does impressive things that we do not know, and it actually repairs itself.

However, it also needs our help. When we do not care that much of our liver, it will be more prone to diseases such as Hepatitis C. Learn more about it and how it can affect women nowadays.

How Hepatitis C Harms Women Than Men

Viral infections cause illnesses such as Hepatitis C and if it is not appropriately treated, it may lead you to death. It can happen to women and men; however, symptoms may vary. For women, it is riskier because it can transmit the virus to their baby during childbirth. The population of women who are acquiring this virus is also increasing than men.

Hepatitis is a viral infection that can be transmitted through contact of blood such as using the same needles from a person who is already infected with hepatitis C. Nowadays the most common ways that this virus can be transmitted is through unprotected sex with a person that has hepatitis C. It happens when you have sexual intercourse with a menstruating woman, and you get contact with the menstrual blood.

The significant difference in transmitting the disease from a man to a woman is that it can be carried to a baby during childbirth. However, it is not possible to be transferred to a baby during breastfeeding, hugging someone with hepatitis C and sitting beside the person infected.

Women Clears The Virus Faster Than Men

When it comes to clearing the virus, women can get rid of it faster than men. The infection may last up to months, and worst will take up to years. Other people can clear the virus from their body system and do not experience symptoms of hepatitis C, especially for women. There is no accurate answer yet or studies that explains how it happens to women, but there is a big possibility that maybe this is because of higher estrogen levels in women’s body. On the other side, women can slowly develop the progression of the virus than men.

Symptoms Of Hepatitis C  In Women

It is tough to notice the signs of Hepatitis C, which is also the reason why many people do not perform treatments right away. Unless if it gets worse, then that is the only time that people do treatments. However, there are early symptoms that you can try to check, and that include fatigue, nausea, yellowing of the skin and the eyes, upper abdomen pain, severe fever, weight loss, and itching.

If you start to feel these symptoms, then you must schedule an appointment with your doctor to know the diagnosis. It is also helpful if you do general check up on your body at least once a month. In that way, you can manage early symptoms of illnesses, especially hepatitis C.

Viekira XR For Treating Hepatitis C

This medication has been used in treating viral infections, primarily hepatitis C. It works by reducing the number of hepatitis C virus in your body, which allows your body, especially your liver, to repair itself. It also strengthens your immune system, which makes it easier for your body to fight against this virus. This medicine is taken by mouth with food in your stomach and with a tall glass of water.

You must read the guidelines provided to you upon purchasing this medicine before using it to avoid complications. You can avail it at a lower price with the use of Viekira XR coupon. For more information about this medicine, you may ask your doctor about it before use. Your doctor can also assess if this will work correctly to you or not.


Women are less probable to experience life-threatening hepatitis C complications, but they may still develop complications related to the liver. During childbirth, they can also transfer the virus to a child. Hepatitis C prevention and therapy is essential. If a female has virus risk factors, she should consider discussing testing with her doctor.

Although some types of liver illness have no preventable causes, by keeping good lifestyle practices, others can be avoided. In females, liver disease is prevalent and commonly diagnosed. By keeping alcohol intake low, maintaining a healthy diet, and exercising regularly, women can significantly reduce their chance of developing some of the most common types of liver disease.

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