January 25, 2021

Use Ringtone Apps to Get All the Best Sounds & Songs in One Place

Use Ringtone Apps

Use Ringtone Apps

I’m big on ringtones – I like changing up my phone’s sound pretty frequently. However, I was pretty bored with the ringtone resources I had been using (websites, primarily) because there were just too many steps to get to the end result: an awesome ringtone.

I started doing some research online and ended up coming across an article about apps that offer ringtone selection and customization. I had never tried any, so I thought I’d give a handful of them a go to see how things we turn out.

Best 10 Apps for Custom Ringtones

Well, turn out they did, because there were three of them that I absolutely love and have been using constantly for months now. They turned out to be even more helpful and time-saving than I thought they’d be, so I knew I absolutely had to share them with you.


Buying a phone or tablet is an expensive purchase, so you may not have tons of leftover money to personalize it. That’s what I love so much about Zedge; you get to customize your device at no cost to you. You can quickly personalize any screen tons of custom wallpapers and change up your ringtone with loads of fun songs to choose from. There’s a nice variety of songs you can pick from so you can be sure to find something uniquely yours.

However, you will see ads pop up when you use this app and search for ringtones that work for you. Is it preferred? No, of course not, but it’s a small price to pay (no pun intended) given the fact that the app is totally free and the choice is truly great.  

Today’s Hit Ringtones

These days, it seems like everywhere you turn there’s a new hit song playing, so, as a result, finding the right ringtone to match what’s popular can be challenging. Today’s Hit RIngtones is great because you get to easily skip all the annoying steps (like endlessly scrolling through a giant list of outdated tones) because all of the current hits are in a single place and ready for you to make them yours. Well, your ringtone at least.

Do you like country music? For some reason, this app does not offer a lot of options for country music fans. I’m not sure why that is, but you’ll surely find a lot of hits in other music genres. So if you’re looking to make your phone “country-unique”, unfortunately, you’ll have to check another app.

Tone Creator

Whether you’re into the dance tunes they play on the radio or more of the techno-pop music you can find online, you’ll really enjoy all of the options offered with Tone Creator. Browse them on your computer or your mobile device; it’s up to you. There’s also a variety of sounds – tones – that you can use for things like your alarm. Choose from full-blown siren sounds, hockey goal horns, and way more.

Unfortunately, this app does crash during use occasionally. It’s definitely annoying when it does happen, but on the upside, it doesn’t happen often and there are so many good songs on here that it’s pretty easy to ignore when it does.  Also, once you set up everything, you no longer will have to worry about using the app until the current ringtone gets boring.


My ringtone collection has grown an insane amount since I downloaded these apps, and I couldn’t be more excited about it. I’m thrilled that I now have a ringtone to match every season, mood, and life event. Okay, yeah, maybe that’s a little excessive, but it’s the way I like to keep things fresh. If you’re like me – even a little bit – and you love changing up your ringtone frequently, you’re definitely going to want to explore these apps!

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