January 26, 2021

Using Natural Stone As An Architectural Component In Home Décor

Architectural Component In Home Décor

Architectural Component In Home Décor

Rustic, eco-friendly, and rugged, stone contains a natural and idiosyncratic charm. When you use them in your interiors, it lends an elegant and timeless vibe and texture to spaces.

  • Due to their versatility, natural stones add a distinct feel to interiors. Right from directional travertine, elegant and sleek Italian marble, practical Kota, durable granite, and rustic slate and translucent onyx, every stone entails its unique characteristic appeal.
  • While marble, quartz, and granite are the most used stones, architects have been experimenting with other stone varieties, such as soapstone, cuddapah and limestone for years.
  • Stones are in abundance everywhere and you see them in green building/home projects due to its environmental sustainability.
  • Stones don’t contain any toxins or harmful material. You can safely use them for both outdoors and indoors.
  • As a material, you can recycle and salvage stones, reducing any adverse impact on the environment.
  • For flooring, you use natural stones like limestone, marble, granite and travertine.
  • They are durable, strong and need minimum maintenance.
  • If you want to experiment, you can mix and match texture and colors to form a fascinating aesthetic.
  • Skilled and experienced stone architects can create a host of masterpieces in different stone inlays, incorporating different shades of marble or granite.
  • You can use stones like sandstone and slate stone as cladding components.
  • Stone cladding adds more depth and dimension to a space.
  • For long-term maintenance, it’s crucial to put a sealer coating on the concerned stone surface as it makes the cover impervious, protecting it from fatigue.
  • You can also use natural stones for open storage and shelves. Floating stones are both easy to maintain and functional.
  • They also immense aesthetic value to your rooms.

Trying something exotic

Many American homes are taking a cue from Lebanese styles and stones are the defining material in this regard.

  • If there’s anything the Lebanese countryside folks have ever perfected, it must be the beige or white stone homes.
  • You can use this Lebanese architecture staple in your interiors. If your house in near the mountainsides or has vast greenery in vicinity, you can go for natural stones.
  • If you have wooden homes and cottages, use stones in the fireplace. They look fascinating and warm.
  • You just cannot ignore stone carving. While it’s not typically Western to have stone decorations, many leading designers are successfully experimenting with this style.
  • A stone cross or scriptural engraving, or anything worthwhile can do the job. You can hang them or carve them into the structure’s exterior.
  • There are endless possibilities in this regard.

 A case study

A stone and concrete house with a wonderful camouflaged front door can show what stones can do.

  • If your house has a sculptural and contemporary vibe, you can structure it into two overlapping volumes.
  • They will have contrasting designs. The ground floor space is clad in quality natural stone while the upper floor can have concrete.
  • The house’s rear section can open onto a limestone and wood deck. If it has a generous lawn, host your events there.
  • Keep your BBQ tools there and put weber grill cover over them.

A stone pathway can dissect the front yard, leading to the front door, which skillfully camouflages beside the timber slat surface and wall.

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