January 25, 2021

What Addons Should You Have in Patch 8.2 Battle For Azeroth?

Battle For Azeroth

Battle For Azeroth

On June 25, patch 8.2 titled Rise of Azshara was released, bringing with it huge amounts of new content for players to enjoy. Rise of Azshara introduced two new and exciting zones, Nazjatar, and Mechagon. Nazjatar is located in the Great Sea and is the subaqueous home to the naga race ruled by Queen Azshara. The entire zone is submerged underwater and is surrounded by waterfalls. Mechagon is an island located northwest of Kul Tiras and is steeped with Gnome and Goblin lore. There’s plenty of new content in these zones including dungeons, achievements, junkyard tinkering, and rares, which brings us on to our first addon recommendation – RareScanner.

RareScanner Addon

There are plenty of new rares in Nazjatar and Mechagon and you don’t want to miss an opportunity to kill them because you’re in the wrong place on the map. This is where RareScanner comes in. The RareScanner addon detects whether a vignette has appeared in the minimap. The vignette, which has appeared as a star since patch 7.0, identifies that enemy as a rare. RareScanner will display a button in the middle of your screen with the name of the rare if one is detected. If you click the button that appears on your screen, the addon will apply a skull to the rare so you can easily locate it.

This addon is extra useful because in Nazjatar there is a quest objective to kill three rares in the zone. With lots of level 120 players flocking to the zone to complete new content, competition can be tough to find and kill these rares. In Mechagon rares are connected to a bunch of achievements in the zone, also making this addon invaluable. With RareScanner you have an advantage over players without the addon, making it a great addition to your addon suite.

Vendor Trash Addons

Like with all zones, the two new zones are full of trash drops that will fill up your bags extremely quickly. With a vendor trash addon like ElvUI or Scrap, you can get rid of all of your vendor trash by clicking one button. This saves a considerable amount of time by freeing you of the tedious task of offloading your vendor trash one by one. It’s a good idea to have one of the addons anyway, but with the enormous amount of trash in the new zones, it’s more important than ever. It will certainly help you to keep only valuable items worth lots of WoW gold.

Rematch Addon

Rematch is a pet battle addon that allows you to save, load, import and export teams. It also allows you to easily see pet breeds, filter your pets, level pets, and bind teams to targets. Although many players haven’t taken to pet battles since they were introduced, pet battles are a major part of the 8.2 patch so now is a great time to give it a go if you’ve been resisting it. In Nazjatar and Mechagon players can receive huge reputation gains by participating in the pet battle content, in some cases, it’s almost double the amount gained from quests.

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