November 26, 2020

4 Must-Have Soundbars Today

Soundbars Today

Soundbars Today

In this age of scientifically advanced social life when every single appliance used by people is being upgraded explosively, the field of television and home theater is also advancing a lot. However, the problem faced by most people is that even a tv with high-end video quality often has a crappy sound; and, watching an excellent quality video while listening to dull audio is like the worst nightmare.

A suitable solution to this problem is adding a brilliant soundbar to your excellent tv. Though this seems to be an easy way out, it may prove to be quite problematic as choosing a good soundbar out of the enormous number of options available, is not only difficult but also tiring. So, we’re providing the top-notch soundbar suggestions. Following are some high-quality soundbars you need to consider

Samsung HW-Q90R Soundbar

For those who listen to all kinds of audio genres, one of the best soundbar options available is Samsung HW-Q90R. well, Samsung in itself is quite a famous company when it comes to electronics and Samsung HW Q90R is the highest quality product available when it comes to Dolby Atmos Soundbars. This elegant soundbar, though a bit expensive, has a 7.1.4 channel configuration and can provide quite a nice surround sound system.


  • Comers with a wireless subwoofer and two satellite speakers
  • In addition to Dolby Atmos, it also has DTS:X feature

Sennheiser Ambeo 3D Soundbar

If you ate looking for a soundbar that provides the best sound quality and doesn’t have a problem with the money it cost, then you can also check Sennheiser Ambeo soundbar. This soundbar also has up-to-date sound technologies. Although this soundbar has its demerits like its large size and weight and its lower connectivity features, its high price is compensated by the best audio quality it provides.


  • In-built 3D surround system which provides the best immersion effect
  • Dazzling sound quality

Yamaha YAS-209

If you are thinking of buying a high-quality soundbar with its subwoofers you need to consider Yamaha YAS-209. It is an amazing soundbar with two built-in surround sound modes along with Amazon Alexa’s voice control. Although it does not have the feature of synchronization (it does not link to other Yamaha devices), it provides you with the latest sound technology like DTS Virtual: X and is Budget-friendly.


  • Provides you with multiple EQ modes
  • Has dual Bluetooth connectivity feature

Sonos Arc

Sonos arc is one of the best products offered by Sonos as its sound output us much higher than many other products. It is also a very wise choice for those who want to have a multi-room sound system experience. Soundbars without an included subwoofer, like the Sonos Arc, can still give an impressive audio experience. This model, in particular, makes maximum use of Dolby’s digital plus technology to provide you with quality sound effects. This fascinating soundbar also can provide you with the best 3D surround sound effect.


  • High sound output through 11 in-built speakers
  • Has a Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for better voice control


If you have sufficient information, selecting a perfect soundbar isn’t a big deal. After all, you don’t want to spend a lot of your time and money to get low sound quality in return. Therefore, for you to be able to choose wisely, we have listed some of the best (both budget-wise and quality-wise) soundbars available. All of these have these have the latest technology and some unique features as well. You can grab any of these high-quality soundbars.

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