November 26, 2020

5 Engagement Ring Shopping Tips That’ll Help You Find ‘The One’

Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring

So you’ve found the one and you’re ready to put a ring on it. Congratulations! There’s no better feeling than being madly in love, ready to spend the rest of your life with your soul mate. Since you’ve found the perfect one, everything else should be perfect too! From the place that you pop the question, to the beautiful engagement ring you present to them, asking that they spend the rest of your lives together.

There are so many options out there, different bridal sets, and ring sets, that it can be overwhelming. What type of diamond cut does your future fiance prefer? Do they like white gold or sterling silver? Can you really tell the difference between real diamonds and synthetic diamonds?

Here are five tips to help you find the ring for your one and only.

  1. Pick a shape.

Knowing the shape, or cut, of diamond that your partner prefers, will help narrow the hunt for the perfect diamond engagement ring immensely. Each shape of diamond is priced differently, and each has a different price per carat. If you don’t know what they want specifically, that’s okay. Think of their style, and try to find something to compliment it. An engagement ring is a timeless symbol of your love for them, so no matter what shape or cut you pick, it’ll still be meaningful.

  1. Know where the stone comes from.

Thankfully we live in an age where information is accessible. This means you can properly research and find out where your diamonds or stones are coming from. Are they properly sourced? Many millennials are throwing old school traditions out the window and saying goodbye to the diamond altogether. Perhaps your partner is the same and would prefer a non-traditional stone such as an emerald or ruby. Regardless of the variety, be sure to ask the jeweler where they source their diamonds from.

Sometimes it’s better to opt for the diamond that you know where it comes from, such as a lab created diamond wedding set. Unlike cubic zirconia, Agape lab-made diamonds resemble the optical characteristics of natural diamonds and retain their brilliance and fire for their entire lifetime.

  1. Don’t be afraid of being creative.

Speaking of non-traditional, think about your partner. Most people today, especially millennial women, prefer a ring that matches their personality. They want something that speaks to them, a wedding ring that vibes with them. If you can’t find anything that screams “put me on their finger”, work with a jeweler, and look for a custom engagement ring. Your partner will appreciate the extra thought you put into it.

  1. It’s not about the money.

The classic diamond bridal set isn’t the only tradition to throw out of a window. You can toss the whole “three months’ salary” idea out too. This strange idea was placed into men’s heads way back in the 1930s by a marketing campaign, and for some reason, it’s still something people abide by. There’s no rule of how much you need to spend on a ring. Spend whatever you can comfortably afford. Get the smaller diamond if your partner likes a minimalist look. All that matters is that they’re happy.

  1. Plan accordingly.

Last but not least is something you probably haven’t considered—timing. It can take up to six weeks for a ring to be ordered, maybe longer if it’s a custom ring. So if you’re planning an elaborate proposal, that’s something you should keep in mind.

Bonus tip: You really want to put your partner over the top, consider having a customer short message engraved on the inside of the ring. Jewelry has a way of making someone’s knees go weak, and the right diamond ring could make all the difference when asking that most important question of all.

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