November 26, 2020

7 Ways to Manage Separation Anxiety with Your Beloved Dog

Anxiety with Your Beloved Dog

Anxiety with Your Beloved Dog

Does your dog become stressed when you leave them home alone? Separation anxiety is a real issue that many dogs experience when their pet parents leave the house. Common symptoms of separation anxiety in dogs include urinating, defecating, barking, chewing, escaping, vomiting, and salivating. The good news is there are several ways you can help manage your beloved pup’s separation anxiety.

  1. Gradually Build Up the Amount of Time Your Dog is Home Alone 

Begin the process of leaving your dog home alone in gradual increments. Provide your dog with a safe and cozy area in the house where they can feel comfortable and calm. A soft bed and some classical music playing on the radio creates a calm environment. The first step is to leave your dog home alone for five minutes then gradually build up the time as your pet demonstrates a calm demeanor along the way. If they get nervous, go back a few minutes and start again.

  1. Find the Perfect Place in the House for Your Dog to Stay Home Alone 

Many pet parents place their dogs in a part of the house that is normally off-limits to their pets such as the laundry room, kitchen or utility area. Placing your dog in unfamiliar areas of the house will cause more anxiety compared to places your dog already spends most of their time such as the living room area. Designate your dog to a familiar part of your home to help reduce anxiety. Also, don’t forget to put their bed and music in the same area.

  1. Use Distractions to Entertain Your Dog 

Your dog is highly intelligent and requires mental stimulation. If your dog is sitting home alone for hours while you are at work they need distractions to entertain their mind. An excellent way to keep your dog occupied while home alone is to provide interactive toys, treat dispenser toys, and your dog’s favorite cuddle buddy toys. These items will allow your dog to stay busy throughout the day.

  1. Take Your Dog for a Walk Before Leaving them Home Alone

 It’s important to create a routine for your dog before you leave the house. Your dog will begin to sense you will be leaving for work at a certain time of the day and become anxious. Create a routine that includes taking your dog for a walk. This type of exercise helps your dog shake off their nerves and get some fresh air which creates a calm state of mind.

  1. Don’t Be Dramatic when You Come Home or Leave 

As a dog owner, you are happy to see your dog when you get home. Many pet parents immediately drop all of their belongings and hug and kiss their very excited dog. This type of reunion feels great during the moment but it also creates anxiety when you leave the house again. You can avoid causing this type of anxiety by not being overly dramatic about your comings and goings. The key is to teach your dog that leaving the house is a normal procedure that doesn’t require any emotional or dramatic behavior.

  1. Be a Good Example for Your Dog When You Leave the House 

As the leader of your pack, you need to lead confidently. Dogs can sense negative energy and if you are feeling upset about leaving your dog home alone your pup will pick up on this negative energy. As a pet parent, you need to banish guilty feelings and negative energy when it comes to leaving your pup home alone. Instead, you want to be confident as you prepare to leave the house and remain calm.

  1. Be Consistent and Patient when Dealing with Your Dogs Separation Anxiety 

Canine separation anxiety is a terrible experience for your dog to go regularly. You need to stay in control and create a calming routine and stick to it every time you leave the house. This routine also needs to continue even after your dog no longer exhibits signs of separation anxiety.

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