November 26, 2020

How to Road Trip With Your Dog: A Fur Parent’s Guide to Keeping Fido Calm

road trip with your dog

road trip with your dog

As most dog owners know, car rides are exciting for Fido unless it’s a trip to the vet. Summer is in full swing and the perfect time to set out for a classic road trip with your furry friend. From packing your pup’s essentials to getting him ready for travel, there are a few things to keep in mind when taking a road trip with your pup.

Get your furry co-pilot tired before the trip.

Your pooch knows when something exciting is about to happen, and this excitement will lead to extra energy. Get your pooch tired before setting out on a road trip. On the day of departure, take your pup out for a long walk, extended playtime, or a nice run. Getting your pooch’s energy out before being confined to a car will help him relax comfortably.

Not all dogs react the same to new situations. High-maintenance breeds and dogs that get nervous easily may not be as excited for a road trip as you are. Some pet owners, under the guidance of a veterinarian, use prescription medications to relax their dogs and make travel more comfortable. While prescription medications may be safe to use, they can come with negative side effects.

Why not give your dog natural supplements that are pet safe and improve their overall health? There is a CBD product for almost all health needs these days. CBD, or cannabidiol, works with the body’s natural endocannabinoid system to improve its functioning. Derived from various strains of hemp plants, CBD contains less than 0.3 percent THC levels. CBD oil or CBD hemp oil, hemp oil, full-spectrum hemp oil, and tinctures are all CBD products that have positive health benefits.

Sera Labs Health is an organic CBD company in the United States that offers a full line of CBD products suitable for both humans and dogs. They feature a pet relief CBD product that offers similar benefits to human-use hemp oil. Their Pet Releaf Hemp Oil is derived from hemp to treat inflammation, anxiety, nervousness, and help improve your dog’s overall health. All of Sera Labs Health pet relief hemp CBD products are made in USDA regulated facilities and are safe for use on dogs of varying sizes. Consult with your veterinarian first to ensure that a cannabinoid product is a healthy option for your dog.

Stop for breaks often.

Riding in a car for hours at a time isn’t always comfortable. Give your body and your pooch’s body a chance to stretch by stopping for breaks often. Your pooch needs bathroom breaks at least every three hours. Not only is it healthy to stretch out your legs and your pooch’s legs while on a road trip, but breaks will help keep Fido’s energy at bay. Frequent breaks keep your pooch from getting restless.

Remember to pack your furry friend’s essentials.

Your furry friend has essentials just like you. It’s a good idea to make an essential packing list for your pup. This includes extra ID tags, leashes, vaccination, and medical records, food and bowls, a kennel and dog bed or blankets, plenty of doggie bags, and some favorite toys.

There’s nothing wrong with your pup being extra-excited to check out new places, but if excitement turns your pup into a puller, casual walks quickly become a tug-o-war contest. A durable leash that gives you extra control over your canine companion’s instinct to pull is a great option to break poor leash behavior.

Joyride Harness offers a product line of dog harnesses and accessories that provide a perfect fit for larger dogs and smaller dogs. Their vest-style no pull dog harness features a snug fit around your dog’s chest and slips easily over your dog’s neck. The versatile harness is made from a durable material that’s comfortable on your dog’s skin and has adjustable straps to ensure a perfect fit on your dog’s body.

The simple design of the no-pull harness won’t irritate your dog’s armpits or front legs and best of all, it will never pull on your dog’s throat. The no-pull dog harness has adjustable straps and a side ring leash attachment point that discourages dog pull behavior. A vest-style harness from Joyride Harness is a great option when you need better control over your pup’s pulling. It’s a great training tool to teach puppies and mature dogs alike how to walk nicely. Be sure to pack the best harness made of reflective material with a front clip leash attachment and enjoy your road trip knowing that your pup is ready for a no-pull walk everywhere you go.

Getting ready for a weekend escape with your pooch is easy with these tips on how to calm Fido and prepare him for a road trip.

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