January 25, 2021

9 Proven Ways to Achieve Clear Windows

Proven Ways to Achieve Clear Windows

Proven Ways to Achieve Clear Windows

Windows serve as a home’s window to the outside world. But many times, they are often take for granted because they are overlooked when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. Windows often have a few seasons worth of dust, grime, dead bugs, thorny thistle pines, and even fingerprints stuck onto them. It’s time to roll up your sleeves to clean away years of gunk. Here are nine proven ways to help you achieve clean and clear windows:

Clean The Materials Covering Them

Your windows will not be truly clean if you neglect to take care of those window treatments because dirt will easily transfer to it. Clean your blinds easily using the thong trick. Wrap each side of the thong with a towel and secure with a rubber band. Insert it between slats to clean out the dust. Next, use a lint roller to clean the window screen. As you roll away, you’ll notice a lot of fuzz stuck to your roller.

Use a Spray Bottle

Spray bottles are essential for dispensing the right amount of cleaning solution. They are perfect for the final glass cleaner solution. Just a few spritzes and you can cover the entire window, even those hard to reach spots near the corners. It may seem simple but the spray bottle is a vital component to your window cleaning chore.

Rely on a Badass Cleaning Solution

Here’s the great news. You don’t actually have to spean a ton of money on professional window cleaning solutions to get the job done. In fact, you can easily make a simple but effective solution at home using your dish washing liquid and vinegar. You can use apple cider vinegar, which is an all natural product and cheap product that won’t be harmful for your skin should it splatter on you. This basic window cleaning solution really gets results. If you have particularly dirty windows, another good homemade solution is dishwashing liquid, rubbing alcohol, ammonia, and jet dry. Just mix them all in a bucket and apply with a sponge.

Utilize Pine-sol

Your windows will not be truly clean if the tracks are not cleaned too. It’s very easy to have the dirt and molds transfer from the tracks to the actual glass panes. Thankfully, you can use Pine-sol polish to get the job done. Dip a sponge brush in Pine-sol and brush those dirty window tracks away. It will even make the house smell nice.

Banish Molds

To get rid of mold on window sills, use a homemade mixture of vinegar and tea tree oil. Put the concoction inside a spray bottle, spritz on the sills, and then let it sit for about 30 minutes. After, you can easily wipe everything away.

Rely on a Squeegee

Window cleaning will not be streak free without a squeegee. When using a squeegee, consistent strokes. Most of all, don’t forget to wipe it clean with a dry towel every few swipes.

Dry with Absorbent Products.

You can use a microfiber cloth to dry your windows because they easily soak up the water without leaving lint behind on the glass. Another great product for easy window wiping is newspapers. Crumble it up into a ball and use it to wipe away the cleaning liquid. They are perfect for drying and don’t leave streaks.

Use a Long Stick

Use a long mop or stick for those high areas. The best tip is to clean the high places without having to actually rely on a ladder. Wrap paper towels around your Swiffer, spray with window cleaning solution, and stick the whole contraption out the window to wipe it from inside. You can also use a sponge mop to clean both the windows and the trim in a snap.

Clean on a Cloudy day

The final but most important hack is this one. Cloudy days are your very best friend when the time comes to clean those windows. For one, cleaning windows on a hot day will quickly dry the cleaning solution, leaving behind a gunky residue. And most of all, staying by the clear windows on super hot days will wear you down faster, making it harder to proceed with your window cleaning. Picking a cloudy day ensures you won’t have any excuses not to get the job done.

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