April 3, 2020

All Things Beer!

All Things Beer

All Things Beer

People have been drinking beer for thousands of years now. What started as a thick, chunky meal is now a much more elegant drinking beverage. The process that is used to produce beers now is nowhere similar to that which was used by the cavemen thousands of years ago. Even so, brewers and brewhouses such as Brisbane Brewhouse are looking for a newer and simpler method to produce beer and improve its quality. Bright beer is one such creation which is refined to a degree where the yeast particles are not suspended. Let us see how Monkey Tree, a Brisbane Brewhouse, brews the bright beers.

How is Beer Made?

This Brisbane brewhouse brews beers in small quantities of 50L so that they can craft every single drop of it to the outermost quality. All the ingredients which are used for making the beer are organic and locally grown. This ensures that the taste of the beer is a hundred percent genuine and unobstructed. Bright beer is made fresh without pasteurization or adding preservative on chemicals.

After the initial stage of making the wort is over, it is cooled down to 18 degrees where the yeast is introduced into the mixture. It is then allowed to ferment in a climate controlled space for 10 days following which the process of production of alcohol is complete.

Once it is done it is cold filtered at 0.5 degree Celsius and then passed through three parts of a filtration process. This filtration process allows the yeast particles to be separated from the beer. Thus, making it a ‘Bright Beer’.

Beers worth Trying

At Brisbane Brewhouse you have a wide range of selection among the various types of beer and tasting notes. Here are a few of the best-selling beer at Monkey Tree:

  • No: 66 Big Sumo Dry: This is a Bright Lager beer with 4.8% alcohol content. You can have this beer for $65 if you are a member else for $70. You can also buy it in 50L for $210. The tasting notes for the beer include Asahi Super Dry and Beer Lao, and it is dry and crisp in flavor.
  • No: 67 Ginger Beer: This is a smooth and refreshing Ginger beer with the hit of sweet ginger. It has 4.8% alcohol content and costs $75 for members, $80 for non-members and $240 for 50L.
  • No: 75 Cockatoo Light: This is a cheaper Lager Bright beer as compared to the Big Sumo Dry as it is available in $60 for members, $65 for non-members and $195 for 50L. It has a low alcohol content of only 3.5%. Its tasting notes include XXXX Gold and Heineken Mid. It has a full flavor with crisp finish taste.
  • No: 102 Angry Monkey: This is the most expensive Lager in this list and is priced at $75 and $80 for members and non-members respectively, and at $230 for 50L. Its alcohol content is 4.9 %, and it has a bitter body with a crisp dry taste and Saaz hops.
  • No: 217 MT Cut Snake Pale Ale: As the name suggests it is a Pale Ale bright beer and has 5% of alcohol content in it. It is the only Pale Ale beer on this list. It is priced at $75 for members and $80 for non-members as well as $230 for 50L.

In Conclusion,

You can go to the Brisbane Brewhouse alone or with friends to try these wonderful concoctions. During the weekend they even have a bar where you can relax, meet new people, and taste the different beers which were hardly ten meters away from the counter.

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