October 30, 2020

All you need to know about PRT CT Scan



A PET CT scan is a medical process that is performed by doctors to know what is wrong with a patient. The process consists of two kinds of scans and they are the PET scan and the CT scan. When the images produced by both the types of scans are combined together, they produce a powerful tool that helps to determine if anything is wrong with the cells. Given the fact that the images that are gotten through PRT CT scan are very detailed, they are generally used to determine problems in a cellular level. However, the process can also be used to locate the problem of broken bones as well.

During the procedure of the PET CT scan the body gets exposed to radioactive materials. When the radiation is passed through the body then the body emits gamma rays from the cells. Imaging software then interprets these energy rays that are being given off by the body and it is done in the form of images that can easily be viewed on a screen. By having an image that is based on the energy being given off from a particular part of the body the doctors can check if there is any abnormality in that particular part’s tissues or cells. A CT scan is often used to scan the head and is generally prescribed to patients who have undergone some sort of serious head injury. When this scan is combined with the PET scan it brings a powerful tool of diagnosis that can easily show the presence of any kinds of cancerous growths or tumors or any other kind of problems in the body. The picture produced by both the type of the scans gives a more powerful image than a single scan can bring.

The process of PRT CT scan is generally used to get an additional bit of information that would not have been acquired otherwise. The scans, when done together, provide certain unique details that a single scan could not provide. There are other ways as well to investigate the problems of the body but the PET CT scan is the most competent one.

If you are looking for pet ct scan centres in Hyderabad then you should make sure that get the best one available. In order to get the best pet ct scan centre in Hyderabad you have to follow certain steps. First of all, you cans search the internet to get a list of scan clinics that are there near you. After getting the list you should do a background check on the one clinic you plan to visit. You should make sure that the clinic you select has adequate years of experience in the field and has certified professionals on board. Given the fact that PRT CT scan is quite a complex process, it in necessary that it is performed by an expert as otherwise the results can be misleading. You should also check the pricing of the clinic and compare your budget with that.

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