January 26, 2021

Religions that Mention the Use Cannabis

Religions that Mention the Use Cannabis

Religions that Mention the Use Cannabis

All right you all it’s time to get high on knowledge. Have you ever been so stoned it’s been a spiritual experience, found moksha through marijuana or has Mary Jane ever helped you to see the light? Well, you are not alone pals. Several tribes and groups in ancient religions like Buddha, Hindu, Tao, Sufi, and other religions have shown the use cannabis for various purposes. So feeling validated for being a STONER yet?

Since the last two decades lots of debates and discussion have been conducted on the TV, YouTube, and various platforms about the use of cannabis. Many countries have even given the green light to the use of cannabis for medicinal and recreational use. In Canada, people can buy weed online as their government is making weed available on several online dispensaries like Oshawa dispensary. So people and government, and medical science have started to believe that marijuana is really an amazing plant that can help with various physical as well as mental conditions. However, the use of dianbol cycle is still controversial but the use of marijuana is being accepted. These all things are about the present times, but do you know many religions in the world have got the history of the use of the weed to treat various conditions.

For thousands of years, weed has been used in Ayurveda and Indian medicine to treat health conditions like nausea and to promote general health and longevity. In the sacred Hindu texts, the Vedas, cannabis is referred to as a source of happiness and they each believe that guardian angels live within the leaves of the plant. And, then there’s Bhanga, it is a drink made in honor of Lord Shiva who was known to indulge in it himself. The beverage is infused with cannabis flowers and gets people totally high during celebrations such as Holi. So Hindu which is said to be one of the most ancient and oldest religions claims that the weed is really a scared plant and carries beneficial properties.

In southern Asia, some Buddhist groups have incorporated marijuana into meditation as a means to enter Samadhi – a very deep state of concentration. And Taoists placed cannabis and their incense burners and as early as the 1st century AD. As they believed it helped them in achieving immortality. In the 5th century, a Chinese Taoists priest even wrote about our beloved Mary Jane “being paired with ginseng in an elixir to look into the future.” Groovy, right?

There’s the Rastafari religion or we would rather say movement which is an entire religion that uses cannabis as a part of spiritual in their worship of God. Rastafarians believe that The Tree of Life, mentioned in the book Genesis and revelation in the Bible, is actually good old-fashioned marijuana and they smoked it all day long. And while they’re not a religious movement, two self-described activist nuns known as “Sisters of the Valley” in California have straight-up entered the marijuana market pulling in some for $2,000 a month. The sisters of the valley smoke herb and grow weed for those in need. They create CBD tinctures and twisted extracts to help those in pain and bless every bottle under the full moon. They’re not Catholic, they’re not abstinent, and they don’t answer to a priest. They are just spiritual ladies who light up for a higher purpose.

So these are the religions that have encouraged the use of weed in ancient times. What do you guys think of it? What are your views on the use of weed in current as well as old times, let us know in the comment box.

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