January 25, 2021

Best Easy Mehndi Designs | New Simple Mehndi Designs for Hand Every Occasion

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Mehndi Design

Easy and Simple Mehndi Designs for Lady Every Occasion make at Home – Easy mehendi designs don’t mean that you have to compromise with the beauty of mehendi art! For example, you can check this article for 25 easy mehndi designs that are stunning and no less appealing to the eyes. In India, mehendi is a part of all our occasions, be it small or big. It is an integral part of our culture. We love to beautify ourselves with unique and easy mehndi designs before any celebrations and occasions. And not every time you have to hunt for a mehendi artist. Because in this post, you will find some stylish, beautiful and easy mehendi designs that anyone can create. They are really simple to draw, and also the end result is mind-blowing! So, let’s check out Easy Mehndi Designs for Every Occasion.

Mehndi Designs
Mehndi Designs

Easy Mehndi Designs for Every Occasion

1. Easy Arabic Style Mehndi Designs

Arabic Style Mehndi Designs

Lets start our list of beautiful and easy mehendi designs with this one! This is an Arabic mehandi design and it looks stunning! The long curve with minute details stretches from wrist to the middle finger.The index finger has been decorated with some simple lines and patterns.

The mandala design on the side of the back of the palm is the main highlight of this mehandi design. It is a gorgeous mehendi design that can be used for any occasion.

2. Haathphool Mehndi Designs

Haathphool Mehndi Designs

Not all of us love full-hand mehndi designs, some like to keep it simple with easy mehendi designs. And for those, this particular mehendi design is just perfect. It looks like a very pretty hand jewelry which we normally call “haathphool”.

The wrist area is decorated with various geometric shapes to create the look of a bracelet. The ring drawn on the index finger has been connected with the wrist area by a circle string.

3. Easy Mehndi designs using Glitters

Mehndi designs using Glitters

We love to use a bit of glitters and sparkles for celebrations, then why not for our mehandi design? This beautiful and easy mehndi designs have been decorated with colored glitters for a stunning look. The mehendi design consists of simple floral motif and paisleys, but the addition of glitters have given it a depth and also made it perfect for any traditional occasion.

4. Cuff Area Designs

Cuff Area Designs

It is another example of beautiful and easy mehendi designs that can be used for any occasion. The highlight of this mehandi design is the large floral design over the cuff area. The designs on the fingers are kept minimal to draw full attention to the elaborate details of the floral motif. This is a beautiful mehendi design for the backside of the palm.

5. Bridal Mehndi Designs

Bridal Mehndi Designs

This mehendi design is just awesome for bridal occasions. The mandala design on the center of the palm has been accentuated with petal patterns around the outline while the fingers have been decorated with simple peacock pattern.

We can see elaborate design on the arms starting from the wrist area, which consists of peacock motifs, half-mandala patterns and jali-work to fill the gap.

6. Mehndi Designs using Simple Motifs

Mehndi Designs using Simple Motifs

This mehndi design looks quite heavy and intricate, but it has been created by combining few simple motifs. The center of the palm features an elaborate paisley pattern. The fingers are decorated with semi circular patterns and loop designs.

One of the main highlights of this mehandi design is the beautiful design on the wrist area which is basically the combination of various shapes which are then, filled up with tiny loops and dots.

7. Mehndi Designs using Floral and Leafy Patterns

Mehndi Designs using Floral and Leafy Patterns

Amazing but easy mehendi designs! Just look at the way it has used only floral motifs and leaf patterns to create this stunning mehndi design. A simple centerpiece has been accentuated further by dark leaf patterns while only spirals and loops along with leafy patterns have been used on the fingers.

The design may seem very easy to create, but the end result is spectacular! One of the perfect and easy mehndi designs for sangeet or engagement ceremony.

8. Easy Fishnet Pattern Mehndi designs

Easy Fishnet Pattern Mehndi designs

This mehandi design is an example of modern and sophisticated mehendi. If you do not like heavy designs on the back of your hand, do try this out! This easy mehndi designs are perfect for any occasion and people will go “wow”! The fishnet design on the fingers are fabulous and so is the bracelet design on the wrist.

And if you look carefully, you will find that nothing but a clever combination of floral motif, leafy patterns and spiral strokes have done the job!

9. Easy Mehndi designs in Arabic Style

Easy Mehndi designs in Arabic Style

This beautiful and easy mehndi designs are just perfect for occasions like rakhi, eid, or any other get-together function at home. The three dimensional look of this mehendi design is simply spectacular and it has been created by using shading and darkened borders.

10. Geometrical Patterns

Geometrical Patterns

Instead of creating mehendi designs on both sides of the hand, how about decorating only the fingers? Unleash your experimental side with this super trendy and easy mehndi designs for fingers. This design consists of few geometrical patterns along with dots and loops. This looks a lot like the on-trend mid-finger rings, or you can say “mehndi” version of mid-finger rings.

11. Bracelet Style

Bracelet Style

This mehndi design looks like a stylish bracelet on the back of your hand. The criss-cross pattern of the bracelet complements the checkered paisley in the middle. The designs on the fingers are simple with some circular motifs and lots of lines. These type of minimalist mehndi designs are perfect for any family get together or a puja at home.

12. Loop Patterns Mehndi Designs

Loop Patterns Mehndi Designs

If you are looking for easy mehndi designs with intricate look that you can create easily for your friend’s wedding, then, this one is for you! This mehandi design is a combination of fishnet design which is actually the main highlight of this design.

Lots of spiral patterns and loop designs have been used to complete the look. The design on the fingers consist of again fishnet patterns and spiral strokes to keep it simple.

13. Jewelry Style Mehndi Designs

Jewelry Style Mehndi Designs

Next on our list of easy mehndi designs for every occasion is this one. This mehandi design looks like a beautiful hand jewelry. There are simple lines and dots on the wrist part and the strand-like part that goes till the middle finger is a combination of small paisleys and spiral strokes.

This easy mehndi designs looks very stylish and modern with a touch of tradition.

14. Stylish Mehndi Designs

Stylish Mehndi Designs

A very contemporary mehendi design which any girl would love to flaunt during any occasion. It will go well with any western or Indo-western attire. The diagonal part of this easy mehndi designs consist of lines only while four ring-like patterns are adorning the fingers. Very super stylish and easy mehndi designs!

15. Mehndi for Back of the Hand

Mehndi for Back of the Hand

If you want to keep the backside free of heavy designs, but not totally empty, then you can try this one. Each of the finger flaunts different style and this is the perfect design to try if you are planning to wear heavy bangles or bracelet.

16. Leaf Pattern

Leaf Pattern

This is a perfect example of gorgeous yet easy mehndi designs for the backside of the palm. There are small leaf-like patterns on the fingers and wrist area to draw the full attention to the super gorgeous design in the middle part. Few large floral patterns and lots of spiral strokes are there to create this mehendi design.

17. Floral Motifs Mehndi Designs

Floral Motifs Mehndi Designs

This is one of the easy mehndi designs, but very artistic. This mehandi design is a clever combination of floral motifs, paisleys and lots of spiral strokes.

The design is not so heavy, but still covers the maximum part of the palm and can be used for any occasion, like rakhi, Eid or any family get together. You can even try this for wedding if you are a fan of easy mehndi designs.

18. Mehndi designs with Fishnet and Flowers

Mehndi designs with Fishnet and Flowers

This is another super gorgeous yet easy mehndi designs using the space on the backside of the palm very smartly. Lots of spirals are here to create fishnet like design and the border looks beautiful with simple floral patterns.

19. Easy Paisley Mehndi designs

Easy Paisley Mehndi designs

You can try this simple mehandi design for your Rakhi celebration next year since the design looks like a rakhi. The center of the palm is decorated with a large flower and adjoining paisleys and then, different motifs have been used to decorate the wrist area and the index finger.

20. Half Flower Pattern

This is another example of a simple mehendi design that you can try for a number of occasions starting from weddings to any small family function. This design is an combination of lots of different and small motifs. The paisleys, the spirals, the half-flower patterns as well as the fishnet design are here to create this gorgeous but easy to create mehandi design.

21. Mehndi Design using Spirals and Lines

Mehndi Design using Spirals and Lines

In case you are not too fond of floral motifs, try this simple mehendi design for any occasion. This mehndi design is created by using lots of spirals and lines. You don’t need to be a mehandi artist to create this design, its quite simple, but the outcome is just amazing!

22. Easy Circle Mehndi Design

Easy Circle Mehndi Design

Let’s take a look at these easy mehndi designs that any modern woman would like to flaunt during any occasion. The main focus is on the center part of the backside of the palm. The trick is to draw the circles perfectly and then fill them up, using your creativity. For the rest of the hand, you can use any design that complements the centerpiece.

23. Mehndi Design using a Large Floral Motif

Mehndi Design using a Large Floral Motif

One look at this mehandi design and you will notice how easy it is to create. All you need is to concentrate on the centerpiece which is a large floral motif in this case. You can add paisleys, leafs and spiral strokes to further accentuate the design. The designs on fingers are simple to draw attention towards the center of the hand.

24. Easy Floral Mehndi Design

Easy Floral Mehndi Design

If you have already mastered the art of drawing floral motifs, then thIS easy mehndi design you will find super easy to create. The trick here is to place the floral designs smartly and then fill the rest of the hands with other small motifs so that the focus stays on the floral designs.

25. Full Hand Design

Full Hand Design

The last design is this gorgeous one! It may look intricate at first look, but it is simple to create. Here the same pattern has been inverted and drawn twice to create the centerpiece. The designs on the finger are minimal except that on the index finger. This simple mehendi design is perfect for any festival or also for bridal functions.

Aren’t these mehendi designs just amazing? Share your favorite ones from the list of 25 Easy Mehndi Designs for Every Occasion 🙂

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